Stamina 1205 Vs 1215: Comparing the 1205 and 1215 Rowing Machines

Stamina 1205 or 1215 – Which is Best for You?

The following account compares two compact rowing machines from Stamina — 1205 Vs 1215 — through firstly conducting a brief overview of each model, so you can see exactly what they both have to offer you and then a concluding section that lists the significant differences between the 1205 and 1215. From this, along with an appreciation of their respective prices, you can determine which offers you the best value for money & ultimately which machine is best for you.

Stamina 1205 Overview

Fitness Aspects

This is a compact and affordable precision rower (priced at just under $200) intended for those who have only a small apartment to work out in but are in need of a machine that will give them an intense cardio workout — the 1205 does just the job. An upgrade to the 1050, it offers you a smooth hydraulic cylinder action that provides varying resistance levels, so as you can make the work out progressively harder as you get fitter. It work on a deluxe ball bearing rolling system that acts to provide a smooth, natural yet quiet operation.

Additional Specifications

Moreover, it comes with a performance LCD monitor console that provides you with various vital readouts such as your speed, amount of strokes completed, distance traveled etc. The frame work is built on a thick durable steel and aluminium construction capable of accommodating user as heavy as 250 lbs. It is also designed with ergonomic padded seats, pivoted large footplates and adjustable handle bars — so you are always comfortable & supported. It really does offer great value, a quality machine for a budget price.

Rating: 74% (sourced | Dimensions: 48′ x 32.5′ x 27.75’| Weight: 46 lbs

Stamina 1215 Overview

Fitness Aspects

A slight upgrade to the 1205 (a bit more expensive at just over $200) is the 1215 orbital rowing machine, although as expected it does maintain a lot of the same objectives & aspects that the 1205 achieved — essentially a compact exercise machine capable of providing a fully body workout to achieve toning and weight loss when used appropriate by the user (along with a balanced healthy diet). It operates on a more sophisticated & smoother hydraulic cylinder piston system that lowers the impact on the user and better mimics actual rowing.

Additional Specifications

It has also undergone a revamp in terms of the ergonomic design with foam padded handles, extra padded seats and more durable framework. The LCD console also gives more read outs along with a greater degree of accuracy. You can also increase the beam incline level if wanted to give you an more intense work out. Also, the arms fold inwards so the 1215 takes up even less space than the 1205.

Rating: 84% (sourced | Dimensions: 50′ x 32.5′ x 31′ | Weight: 52 lbs

What’s the Difference Between the 1205 and 1215?

So there are a few subtle differences — the 1215 takes up less room (being to folded dimensions: 48′ long x 45.5′ wide x 10′) and comes with a smooth hydraulic cylinder action resistance and you are able to perform an incline to get a more intense workout. Other minor differences include the design, weight, console options & foam padding that comes with the 1215’s rower arms.

Which Rowing Machine Should You Buy the 1205 or 1215?

Firstly, both are fantastic models & quite highly rated (the 1215 more so however). However, with a price difference of about just $30 and all the extra added value that comes with the 1215, this rowing machine is clear ‘go to’ option.

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