Standby Generators Not Sexy | Great During Power Outage

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One of the problems with writing about standby generators is that standby generators aren’t sexy. Let’s face it, sex sells. We use sex to sell cars, hamburgers, clothes, shampoo, anti-perspirant and anything else you can think of. Sure, there’s times when you would rather be in the dark. But most of the time we need power for lights and all of the appliances we love. Admit it, you are so connected to the power grid. So try to stop thinking about sex for a minute and instead think about how important having electric power is.


Standby Generators | From Powerless to Powerful

Do you relight rays flaring out of darnessmember the last time the lights went out in at your place? I live in the southeastern United States and we get a lot of summertime thunderstorms. They knock out power to thousands on a regular basis. But all it takes is for a thunderstorm to cause a power outage for you to be left in the dark. Fortunately, you can go from powerless to powerful with a whole home standby generator. Like I said, they’re not sexy but your life doesn’’t have to go on hold just because the power goes off. Now that’s sexy.


The Home Office & Standby Generator

More and more, people are telecommuting to work from their bedrooms across the hall to their home offices. There’’s no good time to be without power and especially if you work from home. Imagine trying to finish a major project in your home office and all of a sudden the power to your home goes. You’’re dead in the water. But a standby generator will restore power in a matter of seconds. Again, not sexy but you get paid.


Standby Generators & Mood Lighting

A great feature of emergency power generators is that, in addition to whole home generators, there are also partial home generators. Partial home generators allow you to restore power to selected appliances and to lighting circuits. You can restore as much or as little light as you choose. The partial home feature of partial power generators makes backup generators even more affordable.


Break Free From the Power Companies Control

Power outages leave you at the mercy of powerful electric companies’ work schedules. Don’’t wait on them. Get a standby generator and go from powerless to powerful in seconds. Restore power to your whole home or a partial restoration to appliances and as much or as little lighting as you choose. That’s kind of like mood lighting. Maybe I was wrong. Standby generators may be sexy after all.

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