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The fashion shows are in full swing, but the celebrity lineups at shows like
hyper-chic, sexy Versus show (Madonna, Rupert Everett, Minnie Driver) are telling: The most powerful stylesetters today don’t work runways; they work red carpets.

Their makeup bags are as influential as their glittering Fendi baguettes—yet the Hollywood look of the moment is less about all-out glamour than it is just plain pretty: Soft, shimmery, and more natural than the word “celebrity” normally calls to mind.

Everyone from Nicole Kidman to Lisa Kudrow drops in to Valerie Sarnelle’s eponymous, airy, intensely-feminine-yet-thoroughly-modern boutique for the best brow shaping in Beverly Hills, fabulous (if gentle and friendly) gossip, and the myriad, incredibly flattering makeup colors displayed in beautiful glass cases. Sarnelle’s current aesthetic is the perfect blend of Hollywood glamour and real-woman common sense: Skin-flattering shades shot through with a touch of shimmer. Her Fairy Godmother Pressed Shimmer powder is already selling out with clients like Teri Hatcher and Heather Locklear. The new, slightly-subtler Pamela Anderson is favoring smoky eyeshadow—sometimes used as liner—in shades like Metallic Silver and Black Cherry. Wynonna Judd has been buying up the Fairy Godmother Pressed Powders, Angel Dust, Shimmer Creme and White Gold Fairy Dust with a vengeance.

The sleek, slate-floored, Jil-Sander chic of makeup artist Bobbe Joy’s Beverly Hills studio is awash in white orchids—and famous faces, from Nastassja Kinski to Helen Hunt. Lucy Liu’s current obsession is a lip gloss called Sundried Tomato; she also loves a silvery-black eyeliner called Coal eyeliner, silvery black.Star PowerBrooke Shields, Demi Moore and Keri Russell all went for the sheer-but-intense Rousillion, Rose Jade and Orchid shadows—perfect with a hippie-chic pashmina and beads.

Barney’s in Beverly Hills is ground zero for fans of Francois Nars’ chicer-than-chic makeup line: Sharon Stone buys up Red Lizard lipstick (the color never turns), Amazon lipliner and Jungle Red nail polish, Winona Ryder loves neutral shades like Morocco lipliner and Harlow lipgloss. Nars’ Malibu color stick (the hottest item in his line) is adored by two wildly famous stars who have makeup contracts with competing companies. Minnie Driver stops in for a pink lipstick called Funny, Desire liner and Mata Hari Blush.

Down the makeup aisle a few steps, T. Le Clerc Paris attracts all manner stars wild for its classic, loose, sheer Poudre: Madonna (partial to Banane), Gwyneth Paltrow (Bistree) and Naomi Campbell (Hale). Bridget Fonda loves the company’s concealer, while Jennifer Jason Leigh uses the face powder. Karen Mulder and Catherine Deneuve both use T. LeClerc’s matte lipstick in the same color: Troublant, a hot fuschia.

Star Power

Also at Barney’s, Jennifer Lopez and Patricia Arquette flock to Makeup For Ever for liquid eyeliner.

Beyond makeup, the latest fitness craze in Hollywood is attracting a diverse list of devotees: Salma Hayek and Ben Stiller have both been attending mini-trampoline classes at L.A.’s Crunch Fitness (not together, as far as we know). Go figure.

Star Power
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