Star Tattooed On Facebook – How Did It Become Famous?


How did it become famous?

Star tattooed on Facebook – when and where did it all start?
It was in 2005, the Myth Gechev up the first disc, then known as 2:00. In that year Gechev had already gained a lot of media attention and gained respect in the music industry when his string of hits for many artists from Bulgaria, which include song, ‘Mar Besh’ Rush Vidinliev. Success is not overnight, of course, as the fruit of the same year was observed after the single ‘Make Me High’ was issued by the AVA. The award was given later, during the annual Music Awards MMTV, which has been declared a ‘Viewer’s Choice, a success in 2006.’

Star tattooed on Facebook is the result of award-winning producer and composer Miro Gechev and Dary Oreshkova. Miro Gechev has gained immense popularity for various Music Hits, and now he has conceptualized a music collection of countless Hit Makers and released the same for different parts of Europe, Russia and Israel. Now we can easily find star tattooed on Facebook and listening to the musical genius that Mr. Gechev ‘ve together for us. If his work was loved and recognized by various awards giving body in Bulgaria, it would certainly be interesting for the world to look at what it has to offer which makes his music appreciated and sought in his own country.

How does it concern us?

Today, star tattoo has also paved the way for success in the music scene and the artists who have joined in this project were doing before being beaten Makers, which can only mean that the songs Star Tattooed included in the compilation has what it takes to succeed in the music world. We all know how difficult it is to get a potential hit machine, but when included with stars tattooed on his arsenal, which may well, be expected to be one of the best due to the rules established by it. After all, it was set up by a musical genius who popularized many successful musical, which probably had a vision to see for themselves the songs would it go to the top of the charts and that is not. With its reputation is always at stake, we might expect that all the songs were carefully selected and included consideration. Whereas it is a compilation of positive results as well as popular Bulgarian artists, listeners can also expect to get their money and their time of distress when they have the opportunity to hear the number of visits chain as a whole. Obviously, a musical genius has its value in the action, and now a part of social networking sites now more and more popular, more people will know the musical talent has been appreciated only in parts of Europe. Miro Gechev Einstein is recognized as music in Bulgaria, in their country of origin. No wonder why the short period of time, his record company had not encountered many difficulties to achieve the success it enjoys in the world right now. Avid listeners are calculated and put their faith Miro Gechev the size of the musical masterpiece of a collection that everyone will surely enjoy. Music simple, easy to listen to, and exceptional, that the fans feel.

People are expected to have high expectations star tattooed, especially if a well-known and respected producer, and composer behind the curtains of his success. And, fortunately, will not be disappointed to get to hear first-hand what Mr. Gechev is reserved for current and future listeners. Ultimately, people do not feel sad or frustrated to have spent part of his time to see which star tattooed has to offer. It should come as no surprise, then, is why the sudden decision to join Facebook, where they can surely reach the millions of fans around the world. Now people have discovered for themselves that music artists can be found in the smaller European countries who want to make a big break followed in life. This is also how to open people’s eyes, because their attention is now closed and connected to the great musical achievements are not necessarily limited to certain countries. They learn about themselves and the world, there are also local movements that have the ability to do something big on the international scene with the new ad and marketing. Fortunately, the Internet age has made this much easier since you can listen to the beats of the world and playing in the waves, through the use of the Web. To better illustrate people reaction to this collection of music, we have a hit in 2008, entitled ‘What music!’ This response, taken in a positive light, may well reflect the feelings of those who saw star tattooed what it has to offer, and a remarkable musical asset allocation gives the body constantly from the moment it was created, we can see the people shaking their heads in ecstasy, shouting ‘What kind of music’ with a smile on their faces. What you have to offer something unique and very different from the song we often hear these days, a breath of fresh air from the usual things to listen to music and watch TV. In 2008, tattooed another track of the star was released by Airplay Records / Universal Music – France, called ‘What music!” – Which reached the top 10 sales charts for vinyl in French.


In conclusion, the star tattooed on his Facebook, from its humble beginnings and supported by the famous composer, producer and popular, no wonder why it has slowly gained popularity today. The music has not fallen below the expectations of the people, and they soon learn for themselves that they were losing a lot in the music industry because of talent that has not been shared long before other parts of the world.

Thanks to Facebook, which is without doubt one of the popular networking sites these days, we are able to appreciate and recognize the artistic geniuses in different countries, a talent that should be shared and enjoyed by all. Thus, from its humble beginnings, a star tattooed on Facebook has slowly made its way to climb to the top of the world.