Star Tattooed on Facebook

What Can You Expect from Star Tattooed on Facebook and Myspace?

Being one of the most phenomenal musical projects in Europe, Star Tattooed on Facebook and Myspace garnered various awards and nominations ever since it started in the year 2005. This project was founded by the infamous Bulgarian artist widely known as Miro Gee. Several artists namely Ava, Plamen and Alexandra Raeva also contributed in its fame and success today. But, what does Star Tattooed has to offer in the music industry?

The Genre

As an independent vocal house musical project, music under this project is centralized in soulful vocal performances incorporated with a keyboard, horn, funk or jazz tunes. In simple terms, this type of genre is similar to techno music.

As you know, electro-dance music gained popularity during the late 1980’s to the early 1990’s. Afterwards, pop music became the next big thing in the music industry. Today, contemporary music has been all about pop-rock, pop-ballad and so on. Nonetheless, some artists are attempting to reborn the “disco” genre. However, incorporating it with modern compositions is applied. Thus, modern techno music has again gaining reputation especially in the club industries. With that, you can expect that Star Tattooed would definitely bring out the groove in you. For you to hear samples of their music, just type in “Star Tattooed” on Facebook or Myspace and like their page.

Milestones of Star Tattooed

As mentioned earlier, Star Tattooed has garnered several awards and nominations ever since it was established by 2AM Ltd. record label in 2005. From humble beginnings, its recognition began in 2006 upon the release of its CD single featuring the vocal performance of Ava. This single charted on the 30th spot for top single sales in France.

In 2008, another Star Tattooed single featuring Daniela was awarded at the 9th Belgian MTV as the viewer’s choice for “best hit”. Aside from that, another single was released in the same year featuring Plamen finalist of Bulgarian Music Idol. This single on the other hand reached the 10th spot for vinyl sales in France.

In 2009, another single was released featuring one of Bulgaria’s elite public figure ranked first in national radio charts. All these tracks were released by Airplay Records with Universal Music as the distributor. Recent updates and detailed information about this project can be found by visiting the profile page of Star Tattooed on Facebook and Myspace.

Why advertise in social networks?

Star Tattooed is an independent project. Although, famous artists have participated In this musical project, financial support for a worldwide advertisement and recognition is not available. Social networks on the other hand gave them the chance of becoming a global sensation. By creating a page at Facebook and Myspace, the whole world not only Europeans have experienced listening to the music generated and composed by the great Miro Gee.

As you can observe, only limited information are available in regards to this musical project. For that reason, the best way for you to obtain reliable and relevant updates is by liking and subscribing at Star Tattooed on Facebook and Myspace.