Star Wars Hailfire Droid Rc Point to Point Review

A point to point review of the star wars hailfire droid rc or the star wars the clone wars radio control hailfire droid.

The star wars hailfire droid is a new hasbro star wars toy that is currently in the market. This radio control hailfire droid has a unique control system not seen in rc toy cars, it can also shoot projectiles like tank rc. Other things included with the remote control hailfire droid is the free clone soldier toy and some backup projectiles for replacing lost projectiles.

Some good points with this hailfire droid rc is cheaper thank tradtional rc tanks and comparable in price with rc toy cars. The star wars clone wars remote control hailfire droid has features only seen with rc tanks. Those features are the independent wheel control system and the feature where you can shoot out projectiles. Even if it is big, it still has the speed and maneuverability that can be compared to rc toy cars because of the simple unique wheel configuration of this hailfire remote control toy. The free action figure can be used as a target for those projectiles or be included to your other star wars toys. This star wars hailfire droid rc would be a good addition to rc collectors and star wars memorabilia collectors.

Some bad points with this rc hailfire droid is that it is only an indoor toy. With the wheel system, the hailfire droid rc needs to be used on smooth surfaces because it can fall over. ii also needs a lot of batteries. The 9 AA batteries needed with this toy is used up quickly so you may need to invest on rechargeable batteries just for this toy. The power to propel those plastic projectiles are a little bit strong and when used outdoors, tendency to lose those projectiles will be greater. There is also a safety issue when this hailfire droid radio control toy will be used near small children. But the biggest negative of the star wars hail fire droid rc is that the controls are hard to learn especially if you are not knowledgeable in this kind of stuff.

A point to point review of the new star wars rc toy the star wars hailfire droid rc.