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Stare of Evil

Roaring, rumbling thunder accompanied the bolts of lightning that flew across the night sky, almost creating an ensemble of angry beasts. The amplified ticking of the clock in the hallway, echoed throughout the entire house. Hour by hour, a melancholy tune would leave the still keeper of time, as if its soul and spirit was trying to escape. For another hour there would be complete and utter silence. The silence was so deafening, I could not concentrate on my own thoughts, looking for something to fill the void of emptiness that surrounded me. I felt entirely alone, forgotten, in danger.
Just as my eyelids fluttered to a stop, I felt eyes burning through every cell in my body. Such an evil stare, I could not bear to open my eyes to view my guest. Who or even worse, what was in my house, uninvited, and unannounced? My lungs, as if in shock, forgot to breathe, leaving me gasping for air as I searched the dark room. Nothing but the curtains blowing unusually high from the strong winds outside was moving. Though I was so sure of seeing a ‘face’ at the end of my bed, I brushed it off as another late night hallucination. Like wings to a butterfly, both lids shut, slowly connecting, protecting, reassuring.
Thud! A loud noise emitted from the room next to mine and without thought, I jumped out of bed to see what had happened. Though every nerve in my body tried to resist my attempt, my thoughts were urging me, pushing me forward. Now I only wish I ignored them. I grabbed a flashlight and ran. The floor was wet, but this strange liquid was dark red and sticky. Immediately blood came to mind but I brushed it off as a result of watching one too many horror films. I continued on my expedition into the darkness, as I went to switch on the lights, a surge flew throughout the house, shocking my finger tips that were still on the lever. I jumped, not out of fright, but out of pain. As odd as it was, I felt as if my body knew it was coming. Still, I continued, though this time, I had no idea what was pushing me. I could only feel the dark stare of evil as I made my way to the door.
The door knob had been removed. The strangest things were happening and I couldn’t figure out why. My heart was racing faster than a horse at the final gold cup. I slammed my body into the door but it gave away so easily that I fell to the ground, laying there lifelessly as pain ran through my body, sharp needles piercing my skin, hot coal melting my flesh. A silhouette, not of a human, crawled towards me, arms outstretched. As I tried to scream, ‘it’ hissed and spoke in tongues I did not understand. Was this some sort of demonic apparition? Was I going to live to tell this unfortunate tale? I called out to the creature, asking its intentions, why it chose me to appear before, why it came at this hour? I looked at the clock on the wall. My jaw dropped and my eyes, from squinting, suddenly grew larger than the clock face itself. It was 03:33am. It smiled at me, realising that I had put the dots together. The figure came out of the shadows, slowly whispering, ‘You’re not as intelligent as the master said you would have been.’ I was screaming at this point. ‘Who is your master, why are you here?’ No reply, but the sweet smile of death, which was plastered on my guest’s face.
The foul stench along with the creature grew made its way towards me, using elbow like features to move itself across the floor. As the demon was less than six feet away, from behind it’s back it revealed the head of my brother, who less than two years ago, killed himself .In utter shock I asked the creature how he came into possession of it. It smiled and made its way closer and closer until I could see its empty eye sockets. The putrid breath that escaped its mouth burnt my nose like acid, wrenching my stomach every inch it came nearer.
I closed my eyes, wishing to God this could all have been a dream. I cried so hard I thought my eyes would run out of tears. I screamed so hard that my throat became sore. I tried to get up and run but my feet refused. Then as suddenly as it came, it left, leaving behind a head that to this day remains in that locked room. I was too startled to get up. I just lay there, alone and confused, dazed in a whirlwind of pain and fright. I was finally alone, though still in the company of evil.

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