Starhawk – PS3 Exclusive Action Gameplay

Sony Computer Entertainment America, popularly known as SCEA, recently announced the release date of Starhawk. Starhawk is the successor of Warhawk, one of the best selling PlayStation games, exclusively for PS3 console. Starhawk has already managed to create a buzz among the gamers, owing to its gripping storyline and amazing trailers. It is a 32 player online action adventure game, where the gamers can play in single as well as split-screen multiplayer mode. Starhawk is a 3D shooter, vehicular combat for PS3 consoles, and is all set to release May 8, 2012.

The story of Starhawk is set up in a distant colony in the universe called The Frontier, where fortune hunters participate in Rush, an event organized for the hunters looking for Rift Energy. Emmett Graves, the hero of this gameplay, is a hired gunslinger on his journey to end his enemies and save the Rift Energy from their hands. The residents of Frontier are divided into two categories, namely Rifters and Outcasts. Rifters are the rift miners, whereas the Outcasts are the people who come in contact with the Rift Energy and get corrupted, but manage to stay alive. Emmett Graves, who once was the owner of salvaging operation of Rift operation, also comes in contact with the Rift Energy, and manages to survive as it infects him to a very small extent. Sidney Cutter is also an important character in this gameplay, and is a great friend of Emmett. Sidney creates a regulator for Emmett, which helps him to check the level of Rift Energy so that he can keep the contact with energy at bay.

Overall, Starhawk for PS3 seems to be a much-anticipation game of this year. It comes with several interesting features like Build and Battle system, Uplink System, and multiple player gameplay. Starhawk is created for the PlayStation fans who enjoy playing intense action combats and indulging in powerful weaponry, vehicles, and lot more. While playing the role of Emmett, the players have to kill merciless enemies and make their way through intense combats in air and on vehicles. Gamers are also allowed to customize the skin of characters and vehicles for a real time gaming experience. Starhawk brings with itself a set of very interesting online community features, including tournament and clan support, quick match, friends list, and events calendar.

PlayStation is also coming up with a Starhawk android application to offer the gamers a mobile platform, to help them interact with each other, invite to compete, and much more. It is also providing its fans an option to pre-order Starhawk. Gamers can avail significant discount by pre-ordering Starhawk from retailers like Amazon, GameStop, BestBuy, Kmart, Sears, and others. Starhawk is a perfect PS3 game for all gaming fanatics, who look for lots of adventure and action. A brainchild of Warhawk creators, Starhawk is all set to bring unprecedented action experience for the gamers.