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Starship To New Earth Now’ by Phillip Duke Ph.D.

The recently published ebook ‘Starship To New Earth Now’ genre Astrophysics, Relativity describes how a Starship can be built now. The author of this revolutionary ebook, Phillip Duke Ph.D., claims that present technology is adequate to construct an operating starship. This non-fiction book explains that it is not the distance, but the time to transit the distance, that is the apparent obstacle to star travel.

Space craft like Space Shuttle Atlantis are a big step in the right direction, but they are far from Starships. Space Shuttle Atlantis is far too slow for star travel. The time it would take to reach even the closest stars is far too long to be practical. A much shorter time is required.

The time required for star travel can be made quite reasonable, by approaching light speed. As light speed is approached, time contracts (slows down) for the Starship and its occupants. This time contraction is an inherent part of Dr. Albert Einstein’s Relativity, and has been confirmed experimentally, with atomic clocks and subatomic particles.

To approach light speed it is only necessary to accelerate at two g’s for a few months. Energy for the constant acceleration is supplied by a two stage atomic reactor, of the type used in atomic submarines. The reactor heat energy produces ultrahigh pressure steam from the water fuel, and steam jets propel the spacecraft to near light speed.

Life support is provided the same as on earth, by photosynthesis. On Earth the Sun provides light, on the Starship electrically powered grow lamps illuminate soybean plants, and they do the job. The soybean plants provide oxygen for breathing, remove waste carbon dioxide from the air, and also provide nutritious soybeans for food.

‘Starship To New Earth Now’ genre Astrophysics, Relativity describes what is involved in the colonization of Earth type worlds. The kinds of life forms likely to be encountered, the process of colonization, etc. is described in detail.

And, the interesting subject of encountering intelligent ETs is not neglected, but is examined and discussed in detail.

Life on Earth is based on carbon and water, but there are other possibilities. The ebook ‘Starship To new Earth Now’ genre Astrophysics, Relativity describes life based on liquid ammonia, with carbon based reactions, and also life based, not on carbon, but on silicon.

If you are interested in star travel, colonizing Earth type worlds, encountering ET’s, and non-carbon based life forms, then you will enjoy reading this ebook. Its cost is only $3.99, read it now! ‘Starship To New Earth Now.’ Author Phillip Duke Ph.D. http://amazon.com/dp/B005RNLSBK.

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