Starship To New Earth NOW Non-fiction Ebook Only 99 cents.

The newly published ebook ‘Starship To New Earth Now’ explains in detail WHY startravel is possible now, and HOW it can be accomplished NOW. No new technology is required; application of presently established scientific principles and engineering technology is quite adequate. Then why is not even being attempted? Why is no one building a starship? The reason is, according to author Phillip Duke Ph.D., that no one believes it is possible.

The present starship disbelief situation is the same as when Columbus tried to obtain support for his voyage to the East Indies. He claimed that by sailing west he would eventually arrive at an eastern destination, his justification being that the world was round. He was laughed to scorn, and thought mad. Finally he obtained an audience with King Philip and Queen Isabella of Spain, and they decided to support his venture. They did this due to the enormous reward to risk ration. Loss of him and his crew and their three ships were as nothing compared to the value of a new route to the Indies.

Columbus set sale, and he discivered not a new route to the Indies, but a whole new world, the Americas. For three centuries Spain took enormous wealth in the form of gold, silver and gemstones from the New World. But the real value was in the land. Exactly the same situation exists now. The loss of a starship os nothing compared to the value of a whole new Earth type world, completely unexploited. The starship’s reward to risk ratio is so great, it will be built. The only question is when. I have researched the subject of star travel, and have written an ebook on it, that sells for only 99 cents. Yes, for only 99 cents you can read my detailed explanation of WHY the Starship will work, and HOW it will work. This is the Kindle ebook:

Starship To New Earth NOW category Astrophysics, Relativity only 99 cents.

The ebook explains the Starship’s operation in detail. Very briefly, the starship is pre-fabricated on Earth and assembled at the space station.,A submarine type nuclear reactor drives the starship to near-lightspeed, when time contraction reduces transit time to as little as desired. Growing plants under lights provide oxygen and food for life support. Everything is recycled. Etc. There are many Earth type stars out there, and no doubt at least some have at least one Earth type world in orbit. It only remains to go there and claim the new world.

To my knowledge this is the only ebook on Star Travel stating that it is achievable now, and detailing how to do it now, according to well established scientific and engineering principles. The ebook is available at the ridiculously low price of only 99 cents.I always like to hear from readers and my email address is in the back of the ebook. All emails from readers are replied to promptly. If you like reading science fiction about spave exploration and star travel, do yourself a favor; spend 99 cents and read about the real thing. This is a non-fiction ebook.