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Event planners that are members of the corporate world find that running a home based event planner business is ultimately more rewarding and the same skills used in the corporate world can be used as a home based business event planner. Many personal assistants working in the corporate world transform from working for the boss to being the boss with ease. A career as an event planner is a worthwhile investment for someone that feels they have the time and energy to make it a success.

Event planners that have experience and industry connections are easily realizing salaries anywhere from $25000 to $75000 a year. Some event planner home business entrepreneurs are even finding salaries above $75000 a year if business clients are not only private, but large corporations as well.

Primarily the tasks of an event planner is taking an allotted budget that a client offers and make an event happen that will maximize the wants of the client at the most effective cost. An event planner will find they are responsible for manpower, materials and schedules. They must arrange and confirm booking of things such as airline flights, rooms, hotels, personnel and places. Many times they have the responsibility of legal matters for permits and taxation and most of the time before during and after an event they are the go to people.

There are events that will require subcontractors and assistants that will need to be hired so event planners may find they are even wearing the hat of HR personnel. As an event planner the skills needed are expertise in customer service, high energy, the ability to handle adversity, creativity, time and stress management and most importantly organization.

There are other skills that will change with every event that takes place, but not found with every event. For an example, as a wedding planner there are some expertise needed as a florist to make certain flowers received are healthy, worth the money spent and work well for the wedding. However, these same skills will not be needed when the corporate conference for casino presidents takes place at the Desert Inn in Santé Fe, New Mexico as a corporate event planner.

Startup costs are not extensive. Basically a phone, a vehicle and a personal computer will get the job done. More importantly is connections that an event planner may not already have, but will build as their business grows.

A big advantage of starting a home based event planner business does not require a line of business expertise or specific vocation. There are no education minimum or maximum requirements. This is basically a hands on job and every project is starting from scratch. As a home based event planning business grows there are some connections that can be utilized for more than one event.

Some event planners will specialize in certain events. For an example, bridal planning, party planner, wedding consultants, wedding planners, corporate event planners to name several. Specializing in specific events will make building connections easier as many are used several times over. Additionally, specializing let’s a home based event planner target a more focused base of clients.

Although running an event planner home based business is extremely stressful it is also extremely rewarding. Client satisfaction is the best thing for business, but remember perfection is something that is hard to come by and rarely achieved. This is especially true with the constraints of time, money and connections.

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