Starting an Air Duct Cleaning Business Can Be Extremely Rewarding- Astronomical Income Potential!

The income potential alone should be enough for someone to consider starting an air duct cleaning business. After all, not only do many of these business charge visitation fees, but they also charge hourly labor rates that can be in excess of $40 per hour. In addition to revenue potential, you also get the added benefit of knowing that the work you are doing will be improving the health of that home’s residents or that business’s employees. Sounds like a win/win situation to me!

The first thing to consider when starting an air duct cleaning business is a solid financial plan. Researching your community, knowing how many potential customers you may have – both residential and commercial, and being able to accurately forecast your potential revenues will help you be able to stay on track and help others understand what your business goals happen to be.

A great deal of expertise is required when starting an air duct cleaning business as the work can be extremely technical in nature. Many business owners in this field have a history of working in the Heating, Ventilation, Air Condition [HVAC] field, so if you do not have any HVAC experience, it is critical that you educate yourself on the essentials of that field. Apprenticing with an established HVAC professional for a period time before starting up your own business may also be helpful to you. You may also need to be licensed or have your employees licensed in the HVAC field.

That is because the equipment used in this field is extremely technical. Before starting an air duct cleaning business, be aware of what your start up costs are going to be. A few brushes and a Shop-Vac will get you nowhere – you’ll need air compressors, various hoses and nozzles, and for some jobs even inspection robots or tube cameras.

The benefits of starting an air duct cleaning business are huge, however. Homes and businesses require the service to be done routinely, so you automatically have repeat customers. It is a specialty business with specialty labor, so there are large margins on your labor rates. And finally, it is a year-round business unlike some other speciality businesses, which means year-round income.

Starting an air duct cleaning business can be an extremely rewarding experience – just make sure you are organized financially, have the technical skills to do the job or train employees to do the job, and have the correct tools to complete each job efficiently and effectively. If you follow this advice, then you too can start seeing revenue rewards in your bank account in no time!