The Journey of a Startup Company

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Startup Company

Business executive Kaleil Isaza Tuzman has captained a variety of startup companies to success throughout his career, giving traction to promising ideas and turning them into amazing wealth. His early business endeavors encapsulated the classic journey of nurturing fledgling startup companies to skyrocketing success, in the fledgling days of Internet commerce.

The journey of his first business was chronicled in the documentary film, which follows the startup GovWorks, from its inception to its successful rise and its struggles. The film thoroughly captures the Internet business climate at the turn of the century, when promising young business people were taking nothing more than a bright idea and catapulting that idea into multi-million dollar success stories in a matter of months.

Of course, with many internet startups, there was a period of unimaginable success, followed by a period of struggle, and ultimately death, in a very short amount of time. This was true with GovWorks, which began with the simple idea of helping governments break into the Internet world to interact more effectively with the people they served. GovWorks significantly streamlined access of constituents to government and allowed governments to become more user friendly. It opened the door to quick and easy online payment of parking tickets, applications for building permits and other everyday government transactions. The company helped revolutionize the way governments did everyday business.

As with many startup companies though, there were many hills and valleys in the journey. GovWorks rose quickly; however, that rise to success only lasted a few short years. Enormous amounts of money were borrowed and juggled before the profits were finally realized. When the company took off, money came in fast, but debt lingered and eventually resulted in the company’s downfall.

The story told by provides a comprehensive look into the world of early internet entrepreneurship. It documents the greed, desperation, ingenuity, imagination and risk-taking that permeated the Internet business climate during this era. During this time, many companies suddenly became household names; but just as quickly, they faded away into the ash heap of Internet history. captures and reflects upon this unique period of wealth and failure, which took the world by storm.

Of course, Tuzman’s business talents launched much bigger and better businesses as his career progressed, and his later achievements far eclipsed the financial wave created by GovWorks. However, the story told by documents the youthful enthusiasm and energy that took someone with no track record of success to the highest levels of achievement, in an astonishingly short period of time. The story shows the mindset and industrial fortitude of young, promising entrepreneurs during a colorful period in history. Their contributions to the business world helped advance the Internet as a profitable marketplace and changed the mindset of a generation of how a business can be born and achieve success.