One of the biggest tourist attractions in the United States is the Statue of Liberty. A gift from France, Lady Liberty has served as a symbol of the many freedoms and the American Dream people hope to achieve. Whether it is tourists visiting New York or immigrants just beginning their lives in America, the Statue of Liberty is a must-see. For those visiting New York and wanting to make sure they tour the Statue and Ellis Island, statuecruises.com can provide them with the necessary information regarding ticket purchases, tour information and schedules.

There are many different ticket packages available for those wishing to visit the Statue and Ellis Island. Along with individual ticket sales, statuecruises.com also handles ticket requests from schools and other organizations wishing to pay Lady Liberty a visit. However, due to the terrorist attacks of 9/11 security concerns now require groups to make special arrangements for their tours. Safety concerns and size limitations now play a part in the tours, but a Group Sales advisor at Statue Cruises can assist any group who wishes to have a tour. Along with school groups, other groups including church groups, scout troops, college classes and many others make their way to Liberty Island to see the daunting figure of national freedom.

Many people do not realize the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island are available to celebrate private events such as weddings or corporate outings. Stautecruises.com can also assist with these special outings, for they often require planning that is done months or perhaps a year in advance. As with tours, tickets are required to be purchased by all who will be attending the event. These events usually need to be coordinated with the National Park Service to make sure no scheduling conflicts arise, and also to guarantee enough security will be available to ensure a safe experience for everyone.

As with most places today, extra security precautions have been put in place to guard against possible violence. The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island are no exception, and Statue Cruises has worked diligently with officials from the Park Service to make sure all visitors understand the rules before purchasing tickets for tours. Those persons who depart from Battery Park and Liberty State Park are subject to airport-style screening, and may be screened again once they reach the Monument.

For those wanting to arrange the most thorough and enjoyable tours for themselves or their groups, statuecruises.com offers many years of experience and knowledge of how best to make one’s visit a trip to remember. Visiting the Statue has been called a life-changing experience for many, and statuecruises.comhas made it possible time after time.

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