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Eeverything around her became a shadow,when she woke up one morning and realised all she had in her life was gone,she had no money no job and no hope to live.She walked to her kitchen there was nothing to eat she searched in every cupboard they was not even bread crumbs,she heard the voice of her two year old son crying,she could not stop the tears that started running down her face.She sat on her kitchen floor looked up her ceiling and said in a soft voice ”God what must i do,what am i going to give my child you know i am alone in this world you took my parents from me when i was young you took my husband from me,now do you want to take me and my child too”

She covered her ears cause her child’s voice was getting louder and louder,she she held her hair tight like she wanted to break it,then she stood up so fast rushed back to her bed room picked up her son hugged him and set on the bed and said to her son ”i am sorry i am so sorry but this is going to end today we won’t suffer anymore i promise”.She went to the kitchen took a knife then threw it on the ground she rushed into the bathroom started running water into her tub,opened the carbinet door started throwing every thing down and then she found a razor she took it held it tight in her left palm blood started comig out as she was doing this she was mummering words like ”i am sorry Tom i am sorry Tom” reapetedly when the tub was fulll she closed the water and when she was about to drown her son the door bell rang,She tried to ignore it and when it rang the second time she went in front of the mirror started to tidy her hair,when it rang the third time she shouted loud ”hold on i am coming”,she went to the door,there was a delivery man and he had an envlope she said impolitely ”What do you want?”the postman looked at her and said”Easy lady im just a delivery boy i brought you this letter,can you sign here please.She signed and took the envelope and closed the door in front of the delivery man.”You welcome.”He turned walked away fom the door she went to her bedroom and put her child on the bed opened the envelope,in it was a note and a cheque she looked at the check and put her hand over her mouth,looked up and said,”Thank you Jesus.”she took the note it read”Dear Mrs Jacob,we been trying to reach you for months  here is a cheque of $200 000,your husband’s father left a will for his grand son we found your late husband’s address and if you got the cheque contact us on this number and we will process the paper work for you.She stood up hugged her son ran around the house in praise.

The moral to this story is we should stay strong in difficult times cause life can change no matter how hard things may be be stay strong.

Stay strong
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