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Staying Independent with Bathroom Aids for the Elderly

If you live with a senior or just trying to help your aging parents, then here are a few ideas for bathroom aids for the elderly that can give them the confidence they need as they age to keep as independent as possible and avoid injuries.

Affordable Options

You don’t have to gut reno the bathroom to be able to have products installed to give them a helping hand.

As I researched ideas for the bathroom, I came across many affordable and safe products that would help to keep the elderly safe. There are some products that I think should be standard practice when building, such as tub grab bars.

If you do nothing else in the bathroom these are by far, in my opinion the most important installation. Actually they were in the house my hubby and I just purchased and although I am not a senior I find them very helpful for getting in and out of the tub!

Bathrooms are the worst areas for accidents amongst the elderly so trying to keep them safe is important.

These grab bars should be installed right into the stud wall. Stay away from those suction cup ones, as from personal experience they don’t hold. You may have to hire a contractor to do this, but these can be installed right through the tiled wall if that is what you are concerned about. They use a special drill bit to go through the tiles and then into the stud wall.

This way your senior can put their weight on these handles and know that they can get out of the tub easier and the handles are good looking too.

Try Raising the Toilet Seat

You can install grab handles on the wall by the toilet too, or depending on the layout of your bathroom, you may want to purchase a separate frame that can stay on either side of the toilet for stability.

But another option is to simply raise the toilet seat, as many people find lowering and raising themselves the hardest and this can help. You can get these additions online without having to replace the toilet.

Easy Storage

Another thing to consider is storage. I know when my dad had mobility issues he found bending down to find things in the cabinet under the sink hard to do as he would lose his balance standing back up.
So, consider different ways to have the products they need in plain view, such as a bath tray or storage on the back of the door with easy access shelves they can keep their things in or baskets on the vanity.

Keep Them Confident

You don’t want them to lose their confidence while in the bathroom. So, you can outfit your bathroom with elderly aids that can help them stay independent and confident in their own home without overloading the look of the room.

Shopping online is the perfect place to start. There are so many affordable products you can get that you should consider them first, before the huge expense of a renovation.

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