Staying Warm During Cold Weather

I used to believe that I knew all about cold weather. When I lived in Illinois, I had a job that kept me outside. Therefore, I thought I knew about cold weather. Actually, I was correct because I did know about cold weather. But then I moved to Alaska and I learned about cold weather on a whole different scale!

Because of my lifestyle, I still wanted to be outside all the time. I had to learn how to stay safe despite temperatures that were well below zero. I have accumulated lots of information about protecting myself from the cold. In fact, it is no longer about protecting myself. Now it is about making myself comfortable. Here are a few tips that I have picked up along the way that I would like to share with you.

Mad Bomber Hats

Everyone knows that much of the heat lost from the body is lost through your head. Keeping your head warm is of the utmost importance. I never really thought about wearing a mad bomber cap before. I will never forget watching John Candy walking around in one on Uncle Buck. He said that the very sight if his hat made people angry.

When my wife bought me one before deer hunting season I was a bit hesitant about wearing it. It had a chin strap and was lined with real rabbit fur. One thing that struck me was this hat kept my head warm all day long. The thick rabbit fur did its job nicely. When you think about it, rabbits are perfectly suited to their life of living in areas where it snows for half of the year, and they do not hibernate.

These hats can only be worn in extreme cold. If temperatures are much above 20 degrees F, I wear one of my other hats because the rabbit fur will make me sweat.

The mad bomber hat is only one part of my cold weather wear.

Winter Boots

You will also lose lots of heat through your feet. It is essential to keep your feet warm. A high quality pair of boots is an essential part of any extreme cold weather outfit. Back when I was a child, every outdoorsman had a pair or Sorel Winter Boots.

If you lived in the extreme north, you probably had or still have a pair of bunny boots. Bunny boots are an affectionate nickname for military issued-extreme cold weather boots. These boots are no longer made, and tend to be a bit expensive. If you find a pair that fits you, I would buy them because I believe these boots are the best ones that have ever been made. But they are like Mad Bomber caps in that they should not be worn if temperatures are above 20 degrees because your feet will sweat. They are also not designed for hiking. I would not wear them if you have to walk more than about 200 yards at a time.

There are many high quality winter boots on the market. They all have their advantages. The best thing to do when you are shopping for a new pair of winter or hunting boots is to go to a place such as Bass Pro Shops or Cabelas and discuss with the sales person in the boot department what you need from a boot. He or she will be happy to assist you in purchasing the correct boot for your needs.

These are but a few of the many different part of a complete cold weather outfit. Each part of the cold weather outfit is essential. But you have been given a few tips here that will make your next excursion into the cold a more comfortable one.