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Steel Pre Fab Garden Sheds

When you need a steel pre fab garden shed, the only things that matter are, how much does it cost, how big is it, and how will it look? $800 – $1000 is good baseline pricing for a quality garden shed. The good thing about that for buyers is that pre fab steel storage sheds come in a wide range of sizes and the size of the building usually determines how much it will cost. Another plus for buyers is that you can also buy a themed or customized shed. Themed sheds are customized sheds designed to blend into settings. The good news is that however you choose to use it, a steel pre fab garden shed will last a long time.

Prefabricated – Half the Work is Done

The great thing about prefab steel storage sheds is that they can be cheaper because you can buy them as kits. Then all you have to do is put the shed together. You save time and money with prefab because all the measuring and cutting has been done. You can buy steel storage sheds in many different sizes and ready to assemble. You don’t have to worry about a building plan or spending money to buy all of the equipment and material needed to measure and cut out a prefab building. If time is money, you’ll get a great return on your money with a prefab steel shed kit.

Advantages of Pre Fab Metal Sheds

Steel makes prefab steel shed kits strong and durable. A metal shed stands up under wind, rain, and heat longer than wood sheds. Prefab steel buildings cam be made as simple square buildings or they can be decorative like small houses or barns. Unlike a wooden shed, a steel storage shed won’t be eaten away by insects and rodents. You won’t have to worry about rats and termites destroying a metal building. Rust is the biggest enemy of metal buildings. Fortunately, it takes a long time for a well-made steel building to begin to rust.

More than Garden Sheds

Steel sheds are normally used as garden sheds for storing lawn tools or household odds and ends. But because steel sheds come in different sizes, the larger metal sheds get used in lots of different ways. In addition to just plain old residential storage space, wood and metal workers use them as workshops. Mechanics use them as garages where they work on cars. Sometime farmers use metal buildings to store farm equipment. Homeowners also use pre fab garden sheds as garages. So you can see how pre fab garden sheds can be used as more than just garden sheds.

Themed Metal Buildings

Themed or customized steel buildings can be designed to fit into many different settings. Maybe you’ve seen garden sheds that look like little garages or little barns. Well, those were themed sheds. Sometime they’re painted with bright colors like a red and white barn that you would see on a farm. A themed steel building might also be shaped like a smaller version of a larger structure. For example, some metal garden sheds are designed to look like a small cottage. This is just a couple of examples of themed sheds. Of course, you can always get a gray steel building if you aren’t interested in a decorative building.




Size Matters – How Big is Your Space?

Size matters because the bigger the building, the more it cost. Another reason that size matters is when the spot that you want to fit your shed into is tight. Getting the dimensions right in this situation determines cost and how much storage space you get. Garden sheds range in size from a place to hang a few yard tools to a place that’s big enough for a lawn tractor and trailer. So, How big is your space?

Pre fab steel garden sheds are a great way to get good affordable storage space Starting at $200 or $300 or less. You also get a structure that’s strong, durable, versatile, and good looking. Not to mention they last for years. A pre fab steel shed may be the way to go if you need storage space but have a limited budget. It certainly beats renting storage space that could cost $30, $50, or $75 /month.

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