Step by Step Faster Article Writing

If it takes you hours to write an article, it’s time to speed things up. There are a few reasons that people write slowly. One of the main reasons is simply not having all the ideas that you need to finish the article without stopping. That’s what we will cover today. 

Other reasons for writing slowly include:

  • Not typing fast enough. Take some online lessons, it’s worth it!
  • Too many distractions. Try turning off all other tabs or simply get offline and write in Word or something similar.
  • Too much research. It’s a good idea to write several articles on the same topic from different angles to maximize your research.

Step by Step Writing

Step 1: Choose a topic and keywords.If you are writing an SEO article, then you need to have the keywords ready to go. Your topic may be based around the keywords or vice versa, depending on which you have come up with first. Make sure you have the keywords where you can see them.Step 2: Write your main points.You need 6-10 main points for a decent sized article. Write each of these down. For example, if you are writing an article on Antigua, Guatemala, you might put something like this:

  • Antigua is the tourist central of Guatemala.
  • The city was the first capital and was known as Santiago.
  • Antigua features many ruins, including the very famous San Francisco ruins, where a monastery once stood.

Each point should stand on it’s own and not relate too closely to the other points.Step 3: Fill in the details.Now write 3-5 supporting sentences for each of the main points. These will form the bulk of your article. You can mix things up by writing your additional information in bullet points, if you like. Step 4: Write an introduction.It’s easy to write an intro to an article when you’ve had the chance to write everything else first. Just introduce the subject and let people know what to expect from the article. Most introductions only need a few sentencces. Step 5: Write a conclusion.Finally, you need a conclusion for the article. Again, you don’t have to make this lengthy, just a few sentences should work fine. You want to recap everything you just told them in the article.Step 6: Proofread.This is a very important step. You need to read through your article, preferably aloud, to make sure there aren’t any obvious errors. If possible, wait overnight to help clear your brain and let you ee the writing with fresh eyes. 

Since you’ll have all the main points down, it shouldn’t be difficult at all to write the article faster than you usually do. Try it and see!