Steps to Downgrade Windows 8 Pro

Everyone is not happy with the Windows 8 Pro edition; some would rather work without it. There are many who would want to revert to the former system or Windows 7. It is not only the ease or convenience, but also the entire ecosystem that facilitates the usage. Downgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 7 requires some steps, and this is what you should know.

The professional edition that the Windows 8 offers is already equipped with the downgrade rights. If you too would like to make changes to the system and downgrade to Windows 7, then you need to know all about it. It is not easy working with Windows updates or downgrades, as it requires a lot.
The process is not easy as Microsoft designed it to work for businesses. However, you too can make the relevant changes, only that it involves some difficult to apply steps.

About Downgrade Rights

If you earlier had Windows 7 installed as the primary software and you upgraded to Windows 8, then it is possible to revert to the previous OS.

For those having the retail copy of Windows 7, they will need to install the copy on another system that runs Windows 8. However, for this process to work, you will need to ensure that the hardware drivers are compatible with Windows 7.

How does it work?

When you work with downgrade rights, you should know it is designed for businesses. When a business purchases a new computer, it is preloaded with the Win 8 license and the previous version of Win that does not require permission for separate licenses.

When you are working with downgrade rights there are some things that you need to know:
• The rights are available on Win 8 Pro. The upgraded version does not include the rights. This action makes it impossible to purchase the pack for downgrade rights.

• Downgrading to Win 7 or Windows Vista Business is easier and after that you can upgrade or reinstall Win 8.

Things to know

If you want to downgrade your system back to the previous OS then following things should be done beforehand:

• You will need to ensure that the system is compatible to Win 7. The hardware for Win 8 is already provided by the manufacturers if not then check for the details at the OEM website.

• Create a copy of your new PC partition in a recovery drive that will come handy for restoring the original system.

System Downgrade

If you are running your system on Win 8, then you will require entering the UEFI setting screen. Now enable the Legacy boot option; for this to work you need to check for details in the computer manual. Win 7 is required for the purpose of downgrade along with legitimate license key. If you do not have it, then it is not possible to acquire it. For this reason, the downgrade rights are vested with businesses that have the key.

When you have the system disc, you can use it on the new computer and restart to Win 7 installer. Install the professional program as it is done; provide the Win 7 Pro key whenever you are prompted to provide it.

Remember to safely retain the key with you as you might need it later on. Additionally, it can be used multiple times for downgrading Win 8 systems. It is required for key check procedure during installation.

When the process of installation is complete, the activation might fail because the key is in use. If there is no message of activation failed then Start-> Activate Windows.

An option, to activate the process, will appear prompting to use your phone. You will need to call on the number displayed on the Window. On the call, you will need to explain about Win 8 Pro downgrade. It means that you need to keep your key ready at hand and prove that the PC has the right to downgrade.

You will be provided for a one-time use activation code. Enter the code in the window and Win 7 Pro will be activated.


Working with downgrading system or obtaining Windows updates, it always requires permissions and careful software consideration. However, with whatever has been explained above it should be easier for you to carry on with the downgrade process without any trouble.

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