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Steps to Prevent In-App Purchases

It has always been that you give your mobile device to your kids without thinking about the in-app purchases that will happen accidentally. For this reason, it becomes difficult to understand why your bills are hiked. Given here are some steps that you should apply for preventing the purchases.

According to a recent report in December 2014, Google had to go for a settlement with the trade commission at U.S. with a refund of $19 million. This report is a shocking surprise to many as it is all linked to in-app purchases made by the kids without the consent of their guardians or parent. It often happens that kids get indulge in gaming using their parent’s device. Unknown to the owner of the device kids often make in-app purchases accidentally that lead to a huge loss. You can however prevent this from happening if you know what to do.

The steps given here will help you take control of your gadget and set parental control for better online security.

Mobile Devices and freedom

It is not a new trend that kids these days are allowed to use mobile devices of their parents to play games and surf online. However, it is a matter of serious concern as it often leads to unwanted and unauthorized purchases by kids. Nonetheless, if you take proper steps then you can prevent it from happening.

Kid’s device

It might sound alarming to give a personal device to your children, but it is sensible to an extent. If you can easily afford a new mobile then, it is possible to purchase a different device for your kid. It helps you prevent a lot of trouble that you might go through your device and unauthorized access to purchases. By not having one device for the entire family, you will save a lot. If you are handing over a common device or your device to our kid then the online accounts are under threat. It means that it would be easier to accidentally access accounts and make unwarranted purchases. Your financial information and your identity will not be safe.

Restricting Information

It is not sensible to trust your kids with your financial information. Giving away your credit card details or security code should be avoided. It is like taking a huge risk and thinking that you will still be safe or will not suffer the consequences. It is better that you monitor your child and keep a look out on what your child requires. If they need to make a purchase, it should be with your consent and through you only. There will be no chances of accidental purchases, and you can make settings relevant to it. Using the settings of parental control you can avoid any such disaster. You can restrict surfing to certain websites, define categories, and give permissions that are relevant to the defined category and person. By doing this, you will be able to create distinctive categories that will not allow unauthorized access or unwanted purchases to happen. It is about the risk that you put your child and on to your online account. Making these changes will help you keep away accidental theft that your kid might expose you to.

Password Protection

The earlier report presented in this article and the news that came as a result of micro-transactions done by kids is revealing enough. The worst thing about it all is that it all happened without the consent of their parents. It is not an easy task to determine the cause of it all. Just with a few push of buttons all happened automatically. The process however did not involve any password. If you are using an Android tablet or an iPad then it all happens with one-time authentication. You need to activate the password protection for your Android tablet using the following steps:

• Launch the Google Play
• Go to the Menu icon -> Settings
• Select the option of ‘Require authentication for purchases’
• Now make changes related to authentications for individual purchases
• You can choose to make settings for every 30 minutes authentication

For applying the setting, you need to provide your password for the relevant settings. When all of it is complete, you can easily let anyone use your tablet. It is because your account passwords are with you only. However, you are recommended not to share your passwords with people and be discreet with it.

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