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Steps to Remove Warezov Worm

There are many online threats that are potentially harmful to the system. The most common are malware and worm virus. Even though, the threats are common, but it often causes great frustration and system damage. If you come across Warezov worm, then things become nasty. Another thing is about dealing with malicious software removal.

You need to understand that when your system gets infected with a worm virus then you need to opt for expert worm removal. However, before you start working with malicious software removal, you need to know all about it.

What is a worm virus?

A worm virus is a program that replicates once it is in the system. It enters the system for spreading malicious codes. Worms work with networks for propagation and spread copies of the code to other systems. It is through sending out infected copies that it damages many systems in the network path. Another means of operation is that of deleting files and consuming bandwidth. All this is done via e-mail. For more harm worms automatically install backdoors on the system that help in opening floodgates to more infection. It is a great security threat that needs to be eliminated.

Worms are different than viruses as they spread differently. Worms replicate and spread within the network automatically. A worm does not wait for instructions from hacker to take action. It is always exploiting system vulnerabilities. It does not latch on to another computer or other programs.
You need to have security software with the updated version for countering the threat. You should stay ahead when it comes to security attachments and patches.

Most common modes of spreading the worm:

• Virus

• Through e-mail

• IRC-worm
• IM-worm
• Net-worm
• P2P-worm

Following are the ways through which worms are spread:

• Peer to peer file sharing networks
• E-mail attachments
• Through a link to a website or using an FTP resource
• Using a link sent in an ICQ or IRC message

Worms are spread using the mode of network packages. It is done directly by infiltrating a system and its memory storage area. Once it enters the system, the worm gets activated. When a worm is inside the system, it takes the advantage of system vulnerabilities and exploits it. The loopholes in the application security and the OS are easily manipulated. Often the worm is spread using numerous means, as mentioned in the list above. Copies are spread in the network to infect all the systems available.

Steps to take for malicious software removal or worm removal

The first thing that you need to do is to have the latest copy of a security software that is capable of countering the worm threat. You should understand that you need to have more than just a security suite to counter the threat. You will need something like an ExterminateIt to detect, diagnose and prevent spreading of infection caused by Warezov worm.

If you do not have the program and your system gets infected with a worm then you need to immediately download it from the website. You can download the trial version of ExterminateIt and follow the commands to remove the worm.

Another way of countering the worm infection is employing the manual worm removal process. You will need to take some steps for removing it.

The manual worm removal requires removing or deleting some specific Windows registry keys and values. However, remember that this can be tricky, especially if you are not well versed with technicalities of the system. Another thing is that tampering with the registry might just ruin some things in the system as it is where all the essential system files are stored. You need to be careful while working with the registry; it is advisable that you first take system backup and then start working.

Apply the following steps for manual worm removal:

• Launch the Task Manager if you want to eliminate the Warezov process
• Delete the files and folders associated with the worm
• Delete system registry key parameters
• Update the antivirus databases or purchase an antivirus software
• Carry out a complete system scan to diagnose the infection and eliminate it.

On a closing note, you need to remember to update your system with security patches as issued by Microsoft. Enabling maximum protection against network attacks is a useful measure. Refrain from running programs that do not seem authentic or come from untrustworthy sources.

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