Stomach Electronic Muscle Stimulation and Toning

Stomach electronic muscle stimulation and toning is typically a controversial topic in most conversations. Many people believe that electronic muscle toning is a scam and that there is no way to tone stomach muscles electronically without any effort on your part. The truth of the matter is that there are some electronic muscle stimulators (EMS) that really do exercise stomach muscles. These types of muscle stimulators, in this case, ab belts, engage the stomach muscles involuntarily vs voluntarily. We typically exercise stomach muscles voluntarily when we do stomach exercises such as crunches, leg raises and the like.

The way it works with involuntary muscle toning is the ab belt or EMS machine transmits electrical impulses that trigger nerve endings making them contract and relax in rapid succession. Immediately, muscles go into action and do likewise as this is how the body functions with the motor nervous system in communication with muscles signaling them to respond. Believe it or not one can get sore from using an ab belt if they’re not used to it. Therefore, it’s wise to start out easy and work your way up to higher settings a little at a time just as you would with other type of exercise or exercise equipment.

Where many people get the idea that electronic muscle stimulation is a scam is that they think possibly all you need is EMS to get six pack abs. This is foolish or wishful thinking! Electronic muscle toning is meant to be used in conjunction with voluntary muscle exercises, it’s the combination of the two that will give the most promising results. Whether you engage the ab muscles involuntarily or voluntarily they’re still being worked just in a different way. I work abs six days a week, 3 days at the gym and 3 days at home with an ab belt. I love the ability to tone abs effortlessly on off days.

EMS machines aren’t just for lazy people they’re for people who work out on a regular basis that want to add a little something extra into the mix, minus the hard work. Electronic stomach muscle toning can be effective, but not by itself, you still need to do good old fashion stomach exercises. For those who are serious about EMS for their abs there are two that are FDA approved and they are the Flex Belt and Slendertone Ab Belt.