Stop Aerial Drones Spying Children

Are sex offenders using aerial drones to spy on women and children? Have these unmanned aerial vehicles (AEV), commonly known as aerial drones, become the new high tech gadget convicted sex offender’s use to reach down from the sky to touch our women and children? Laws are in place to keep sex offenders away from potential victims but what’s keeping them from flying a Phantom 2 Vision Quadcopter Drone with a camera over your house to get a up close and personal look at what’s happening at your place?

Nude Sunbathers on Drone Cameras

The fight over privacy rights is already on. Maybe you saw the news report about the property owner that shot his property association’s drone out of the sky because it kept flying over his property to take video and still pictures. If not, maybe you heard about the women sunbathers that went after a kid for flying his drone over them while they lay out on the beach.

Aerial Drones and Fantasies

Drones which are also known as remotely piloted aircraft (RAV), have become more affordable in recent years and are becoming very popular with people of all ages and backgrounds. Sales of aerial drones by companies like GoPro are skyrocketing and you can buy them everywhere from Wal-Mart to eBay. Flying aerial drones is a fun hobby for some but for others they’re s tool to indulge evil fantasies.

Peeping Tom Pictures By Aerial Drones

Unfortunately, retailers aren’’t required to do background checks before they sell a drone. That allows drones to fall into the hands of unscrupulous people who use them to victimize some of the most vulnerable people, women and children. This has led some localities to put Peeping Tom laws into place to try to protect women and children from unwanted aerial photography.

Consenting Adults And Aerial Drones

Unfortunately, what happens in the sky doesn’’t always stay in the sky. It’s not hard to find pictures on the Internet of people on the ground taken by aerial drones’ from overhead. Some of them could be cleverly posed mannequins but many of them are pictures of real people. In some case, the couples in these pictures thought they were out of the public eye and were engaged in various sexual activities.

Sex Spy Drones and the City

Drone operators may not always be after unsuspecting couples, you or your children could just as easily be on the aerial drones video. Do your kids play outside in your yard or in your neighbor’s yard? Are their any laws governing the use of aerial drones in your city? Have you checked the Sexual Offender Registry in your neighborhood lately?

Mommy A Drones Outside

Maybe it’s time to warn your children about aerial drones. Do you want to tell them what drones are? Would you want them to come inside and tell you if they saw a drone hovering around? You don’’t want to over-react but you don’’t want to wait until you become a victim either.


There’’s not an aerial drone around every corner waiting to record your children but all it takes is one. Now that you’’ve read this article about aerial drones, do you think you know what you need to know to keep your family safe? Are you willing to do what’s necessary to protect your children from predators with drones? Will you share this article with your family and friends so that we can protect them and their families too?