Stop Anxiety And Worry That May Cause Your Asthma

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Dealing with stress could be the key you need to stop anxiety and Asthma attacks. Finding ways to staying calm when pressures are higher than normal could help end your Asthma attacks. Millions of Americans suffer from Asthma attacks. Asthma is shortness of breath brought on by a number of triggers. According to the American Lung Association common asthma triggers include respiratory infections, allergens, irritants, exercise, and emotions. Emotional stress due to traumatic life events caused me to suffer from Asthma.

Wheezing And Shortness of Breath

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When I was a kid, I worried about a lot of things. For a while, life was uncertain at home, at school, and with my friends. That’s pretty typical for most people but my physical response was tightening of my chest muscles, which made me short of breath. Then I made that characteristic wheezing sound that Asthmatics make when they try to catch their breath. But I found ways to end all of that and so can you.

Get To The Root Of The Problem

Removing the stressor by the roots is the best way to address anxiety based Asthma. That may be easier said than done. First you have to know and understand the thig that’s causing you to be stressed out. Once you know what stresses you out, there’s several practical things you can do to end or at least ease your Asthma.

Money Trouble And Asthma

Not having enough money is probably the number one cause of stress for most people. It could also be something that causes you to have Asthma attacks. Robbing Peter to pay Paul is something a lot of people do on a regular basis. But when there’s not enough money to do that, it frustrates and leaves some wondering how they’re going to make it. Reducing expenses is one way to help this situation. Cutting off your cable or taking the cheapest cable plan can help reduce expenses. So can carpooling and ending your cell phone contract. How many more ways to reduce expenses can you think of to help end your Asthma?

Financial Counseling

Get financial counseling to help end your Asthma episodes. You can find free financial counseling online or from Employee Assistance Programs on the job. Some churches also offer help with budgeting. It’s important to get control of money because it affects so many areas of life. One well-known financial analyst likes to say, “If you don’t control your money, it will control you.”

Get Out of Bad Romantic Relationships

Bad romantic relationships are notorious for the epic fights they can produce. Hopefully this isn’t what’s causing your respiratory problem. But if it is, maybe you should get on the bus Gus or make a new plan Stan. If you don’t know what that means try Googling 70’s music.

Get Some Exercise

Being tall and wide helped me become a fair playground basketball player. Being picked first when teams were being chosen was a great self-esteem booster. I was being accepted and appreciated by my circle of friends. The self-confidence helped me to relax and breath easier.


Find the source of your stress and do what it takes to manage it. Quality of life is everything and Asthma takes away from the good life. You know yourself better than anyone so figure out the root problem of your Asthma and enjoy every breath you take.

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Stop Anxiety And Worry That May Cause Your Asthma, Seekyt
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