Stop cutting back on the Mental Health World

There are a lot of mental health faculties that are being closed down in the United States. Take Chicago for an example there was 12 city mental health faculties but they had to close down half of them. So then the 6 that are still open are under staff for the amount of patients that there are. The reason why they are cutting back on the mental health is because the city had to do cut backs and decided to hit the mental health section.

Why should faculties be under staff for people that truly need help for from professionals? Some people might think that people with a mental disability does not need anything or think that they can do without. But in reality they truly need to have the help from the professionals because if they don’t have the help, then there will be a lot more crime and everything else in the world.

People with a mental disability need to see a psychiatrist for they will be stable on their medications. When people are not stable on their medications, they will be either harmful towards themselves or other people. When they are harmful towards themselves they will be placed in a hospital. When people are placed in the hospital, they still will be missed treated at some locations because they too are under staff. Then when they are harmful towards other people, they will be most likely are placed in jail. When they are placed in a jail not always will they get the help that they need.
It is not fair to people that have a mental disability. They are the ones that needs the most help because they can do pretty much anything and not realizing that they are doing it. For example; both my boyfriend and my ex husband have a mental disability. My boyfriend has Bipolar with manic depression and my ex husband has depression with irritability. When either of them is not stable on their medication they become harmful towards themselves they need to reach out for help. If they keep cutting back on the mental health world, then it will be harder and harder for them to be able to reach out. If they are unable to reach out to people that can truly help them, they will be capable of hurting themselves or they will think that they are capable of doing anything.

We all should try to do something to stop the city, state, congress or whoever from cutting back on the mental health world because they truly need the help.