Stop Nighttime Leg Cramps – Causes and Treatment

For the last three days I have been working to clean up the yard and gardens and every night I have been getting leg cramps. It seems as soon as I fall asleep I get a stabbing pain in my calf muscle and this pain prevents me from falling back to sleep.

active-84646_640A good friend of mine is a nurse practitioner so I asked her why my sleep was being disturbed due to leg cramps. I learned that the cause could be due to vitamin deficiency, side effect from prescription medication, anemia, arthritis and too strenuous of activities without proper stretching before.

Did I stretch before I climbed a ladder to cut down the mimosa tree. No I did not. I am 99% certain that my nighttime leg cramps was due to not loosening up before strenuous activity but to be on the safe side I kept a journal to determine if the leg cramps were due to something else.

For the next week I paid attention to my daily activities to determine what would cause my nighttime leg cramps. One of the things that I changed in my daily activity was to add 15 minutes of yoga in the morning, Then instead of working at the computer for several hours I took breaks to walk the dog.

salad-543043_640I thought my diet might be a factor for my muscle cramps, so I did change my diet. I stopped eating junk food and made an effort to eat more green leafy vegetables because vegetables rich in chlorophyll will aid in adding oxygen to your blood and  will improve circulation. I also increased my intake of calcium by drinking 16 ounces of low fat milk in the morning.

milk-220496_640Nighttime leg cramps could be due to a calcium deficiency. So along with the glass of milk I started taking a multivitamin that included calcium and vitamin D.

After a week of eating healthy, exercising, drinking milk and taking a multivitamin I discovered that I no longer had nighttime leg cramps.  So there you have it, causes and treatments for nighttime leg cramps.