Stop Procrastination:Three Tips That Can Transform You

A majority of people want to stop procrastination. It is easy to imagine accomplishing things and another matter to actually start doing them. If you have a list as long as your arm and have procrastinated on every single item, there is something you will be able to do to become an extremely disciplined and propelled person. Really, you are able to do it. Here is how to stop procrastination and transform yourself into an achiever.

Transforming tip #1 – Create a habit of success. One of the easiest means to transform yourself from a procrastinator to a worker is to smell the sweet affect of success. Once you have the bug, you’ll want to continue. Begin by setting small goals you know you will be able to accomplish. An easy example is exercise.

Lets say you have the goal to run 5K and yet you can’t seem to motivate yourself to put a single foot out the door, despite all the great running gear hanging in your wardrobe with the tags still on. To establish a habit of success, start with a smaller goal, say running for half a mile and walking the rest, or walking for ten minutes and running for five.

Right now, take a look at your most sought after goal and think about how you will be able to break it into more pocket-sized goals to make a habit of success.

Transforming tip #2 – Do away with your excuses. It’ll take too long. It’ll be too difficult. I might go wrong. I’ll make someone mad. I’m too busy or I’m too fatigued. Sound familiar? Behind every undone project and goal yet to be achieved is a litany of excuses. What are yours? Write them down. What do you hear yourself saying every time you think about getting moving? Take a good look at your excuses. Are they actually true? Now ask yourself what you have to earn from accomplishing your goals.

Transforming tip #3 – Reward yourself. Give yourself something really effective for accomplishing your goals, whatever they are. This is a great means to motivate yourself in the beginning. Whether your reward is a new pair of shoes or tickets to a show or sporting event you would like to attend, it’ll help you take that opening move – and the opening move is frequently the toughest to take. Once you’re on the track to success, the remainder is easy.

Transforming tip #4 – Make a plan. Occasionally we can not stop procrastination because we just don’t know where to begin. Planning how to accomplish your goal helps you earn some command over the process and see where there might be likely hurdles. Additionally, it’s action toward success so you kind of trick yourself into taking the opening move. When creating a plan, consider transforming tip #1 and make littler, accomplishable goals. Finally, don’t let the planning point be your excuse to dilly-dally further. Once you have a plan, take action.

Transforming tip #5 – Find a role model. There’s an expert, coach or role model for nearly every industry, profession, or goal. Encountering one can be the last drive to help you find the motivation you need to be that highly motivated individual anxious to escape. Who prompts you?

Transforming yourself from a procrastinator into a highly motivated individual is in your hands. You are the only one who can take the measures needed to get where you would like to be – and guess what? You can do it!