Storage Auction Ebook – The Storage Auction Master's Handbook

Storage Auctions are becoming more and more popular as ways of putting extra cash in your pocket with your weekends and free time. Inspired and excited by reality TV shows like Storage Wars and Auction Hunters, people all over the country are bringing their spare cash to storage auction facilities in hopes of landing the biggest score ever found in a storage unit.

Storage property managers typically don’t mind this increase in attention for the industry, because it means more foot traffic and better awareness of their brands and services, although the massive influx of first-time auction buyers has also had the negative affect of more frequent property damage. Nonetheless, on the whole the popularity of storage auctions is a good thing for business.

With so many amatuer and first time buyers wonder how they can get their slice of the storage auction action, there are more and more storage auction ebooks being written to help guide new buyers through the steps of their first auction. The Storage Auction Master’s Handbook is one such guide that explains the entire process of storage auctions, how and why they happen, and how to make money from them.

Although the storage auction process can seem confusing and a bit intimidating at first, once you’ve attended a few auctions and gotten a good sense of their innerworkings, you’ll quickly become comfortable. The auction process is actually designed to move buyers quickly onto the property, give them a very brief window in which to bid on delinquent lockers and then sell the units off to the highest bidder. Even a large storage auction can be accomplished and broken down in as little as 45 minutes.

Any good storage auction ebook should be able to explain the process of a storage sale step by step so that newcomers to the world of storage auctions can begin building up their experience level and start making good money in their free time.