Storage Boxes with Lids

There are many types of storage boxes with lids. There are shipping boxes, moving boxes, kitchen boxes and so many more. Let’s start with shipping containers. Shipping containers are used to transport large or heavy items. These types of containers are usually transported via cargo ship. There are several types of shipping containers used for this purpose. An ISO container is your normal shipping container. They open at the top at transport heavy items from one destination to another. These types of boxes are normally transported by ship, truck or railroad freight.

Metal Storage ContainersA ULD or Unit Load Device is used to transport cargo on a commercial airplane. The types of items that are transported are luggage, freight and mail. Insulated shipping containers are used to carry cargo that needs to stay either hot or cold. Food is one of the main items that use insulated shipping boxes with lids. Other items that need to be stored in an insulated container are pharmaceuticals and chemicals. These containers are used on freight trains and cargo ships.

Cardboard BoxMoving boxes are another type of storage container. These are used to transport household items from one residence to another. These boxes can be referred to as cartons or cases. There are many types of moving boxes available that are constructed in various shapes, strengths and sizes. Here are a few of the more popular types of moving boxes. Medium sized boxes are ideal for dishes, drinking glasses or figurines. Large boxes are perfect for moving items such as electronics, lamps, clothes and collectibles.

Large moving boxes are made from high quality cardboard. The extra large boxes are perfect for large items that are lightweight including comforters, clothes, pillows and blankets. Wardrobe boxes are larger and have more strength than your normal moving containers. These are basically portable closets. Kitchen boxes are made to store items from your kitchen and frame boxes are constructed to move breakable items such as mirrors.

Small Plastic ContainersThere are several types of home storage boxes with lids. Kitchen storage containers come in various shapes, sizes and materials. Spice containers are normally made of glass or acrylic so you can identify what spice is inside the container. You can also tell when you are almost out of a certain spice. These containers are normally placed in a spice rack. There are ceramic garlic containers that are air tight and used for garlic. Other air tight containers are used for items such as sugar, tea, coffee and flour. The most commonly used materials in kitchen storage is pottery, ceramic, glass and acrylic.

Glass JarsCookies and candies used to be stored on grandma’s countertop in glass canisters. They had an opening that was big enough so you had easy reach to get your favourite cookie or candy. Cookies and candies are still stored in glass containers today but they are more commonly stored in pottery or ceramic jars as well as plastic or acrylic. There are tall metal, wood or plastic bins that are tall enough to fit linguini or spaghetti.

There are three types of glass food storage containers. Many people use glass canisters because they are see through so you can tell exactly what is in the container and how much of that item is left. Glass containers are also very easy to wash and do not trap in odours.

Cook and store canisters are extremely versatile. These are usually made from Pyrex and are used to store your food in the fridge until you are ready to cook it. Then the dish easily transfers from the fridge to the oven to be cooked. Since the lids are glass on many of these containers, they lids are not oven proof.

Resealable Plastic ContainersCanister jars will either have a lid that clamps down or a twist off lid. The air tight containers are used to store things like flour and sugar. You want these in an air tight canister so that no dirt or bugs get inside. Canning canisters are also known as Mason jars. They are perfect for storing items in glass jars for the winter months. You are able to can fruits and vegetables from your summer garden. You can also can homemade pickles, relishes, jams, jellies and salsas.

Pet food storage containers are used for storing items such as meat and dry foods. These are designed so that there is enough space so that fresh air keeps flowing through the container. This will help keep your critters food clean and fresh. Pet food containers are mainly made from stoneware. This is the best kind to use to keep pesticides from your pets food. They come in three sizes depending on the needs and amount of pets you have. There is a 10 pound container, a 20 pound and a 40 pound. Pet containers are not just for food either; you can use them to store your pet’s favourite toys.

Large Plastic ContainersThere are 4 types of storage containers to help organize your clothes. These containers are bags, plastic, baskets and boxes. Plastic containers come in various sizes and normally come with lids. The large plastic totes are perfect for storing bulky winter items such as boot and snow jackets. The smaller bins can be used for seasonal items such as Halloween decorations or Christmas tree decorations.

Baskets are usually used on closet shelves for storing sweaters and sweatshirts. They keep your clothing neat and well folded. Boxes are either made from cardboard or wood. They are perfect for storing clothing either in your closet or under the bed and it protects your clothes from dust. Vacuum sealed bags are often used with people who live in confined spaces. They can be used to store winter items in the summer and summer items in the winter.