Storage Wars' Resident Hottie Brandi Passante

A&E has found a smash hit formula for success in its new Storage Wars reality television show, which follows the successes and failures of storage auction buyers traversing the country in search of modern day treasure. In addition to the basic action of bidding, speculating and processing the discounted merchandise from repossessed storage lockers for sale, Storage Wars has another major draw to boast of: its resident hottie Brandi Passante.

Brandi Passante is the better half of Storage Wars buyer Jarrod Schulz, and co-owner of their Rags to Riches thrift shop in Orange county, California. As co-owner and co-manager, it’s her job to ensure that Jarrod doesn’t bankrupt their operation by overpaying on junky units or making poor purchasing decisions. Although Brandi receives some flak from fans for keeping Jarrod on a short leash, the true nature of their teamwork is revealed in the fact that they have two children together and are trying to achieve financial independence for their family.

Although A&E’s official website refers to Brandi and Jarrod as a husband and wife team, the pair are not officially married, nor are they eligible for common law distinction, despite having been together about 10 years now, because the state of California does not recognize common law marriages. All the same, to watch their on-screen dynamics and occasional bickering is to know they’re truly joined together as a single unit and that they’re working hard to see that their financial dreams are realized.

Brandi Passante has mentioned that her newfound notoreity as a television star has somewhat boosted their profile in the Orange county, leading to higher foot traffic to their thrift store and higher sales to boot. Although she says that many people just want to come by to meet her and Jarrod in person, some of the exposure has been helping their bottom line. Unfortunately for Brandi, not all the publicity has been positive. Some Storage Wars fans circulate vicious and as yet unsubstantiated rumors, complete with indeterminate mug shots from alleged arrests, that Brandi used to work as an exotic dancer.

Whatever her personal history may be, Storage Wars has found a successful counterbalance in Brandi Passante. Whereas other star buyers like Dave Hester can be aggressive at times and often downright obnoxious, Brandi brings a softer more feminine side to the male-dominated bidding wars.