Storing Wool in Garment Bags (Plastic or Canvas)

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Storing wool in garment bags, plastic or canvas, is a good way to protect your clothing and keep it looking nice and new for a long time to come. At the end of the winter season, simply store your clothing in these storage containers until it’s time to take them out again in the fall season. Let’s look at how storing wool in garment bags of plastic or canvas can be done properly and what you can expect to find out there for sale in the stores these days.

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Why Use Garment Bags?

Storing clothing in containers of plastic or nylon, along with cotton cloth or nylon will help to keep them fresh and bug free. Since bugs tend to love wool fabric, you want to use a good quality product that zips up securely. The cheap cloth type that comes with many suits you buy tear easily, giving the bugs another chance to enter and ruin your clothes. Since moths love this type of fabric, you need to keep them out.

Before Placing Into Storage

Storing wool suits in garment bags of plastic or canvas can help keep your suits looking fresh. However, before you place them into the packaging, you need to take a few precautionary steps to keep your suits and clothes looking the best possible.

Wash Them: Before storing wool in garment bags of plastic or canvas, you should make sure they are totally clean. This could mean having them dry cleaned. If you don’t do this, sweat, skin flakes, and just about anything else will remain on the clothing. In the case of sweat, it will have lots of time to get stinky. Over the course of several months, it could make your entire closet smell bad.

Completely Dry Them: Before placing your clothes or suits into storage, you must make sure they are not wet at all. Doing so, especially if using a storage container that isn’t breathable, could cause mold or mildew to set into them, ruining your clothing. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, completely dry anything you plan to store for the season.

Moth Balls: Just in case a moth gets in, you will want to place some moth balls in the container and on the clothing itself. Place one or two in the bottom of the holder and some in the pockets. This will spread them out, so none of the moths make a home and lay their eggs. Storing wool in garment bags of plastic or canvas is key to keeping your clothing look the best and last for years to come.

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Storing Wool in Garment Bags (Plastic or Canvas), Seekyt
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