Straight Teeth Aren’t Just For Looks

When we are infants our first teeth start to emerge from our gums and into our mouth, this process is known as tooth eruption. Now many of you might be thinking that the name suggests that the process is random and out of control and you would be right to think so, so what stops the teeth from growing abnormally long you may ask. Well the answer is simple; the teeth keep coming until the hit a neighboring tooth, that’s when they stop. So what happens if there is no neighboring tooth because maybe you lost a tooth in an accident or maybe due to a disease. In this case the tooth will keep on coming till it hits something solid which in this case can be the opposing gum. When this happens it’s not literally the toot that’s growing, it’s actually the bone that’s moving the teeth in to the desired position which in this case is not the correct position and because of this one problem a million others can emerge.

One of those problems is that it can cause some severe chewing problems which in turn affect the person’s nutrition and even digestion and that’s not all, if the tooth that had initially stopped growing feels that there is an empty space next to it, it will try to move into the space, this is to help distribute the load amongst the teeth and where this is an amazing law of nature it can lead to some undesired effects specially when it comes to chewing. So to avoid these problems it is essential that you have straight teeth as they are not just so you look better when you smile which in itself is a big factor in its importance but perhaps the greatest factor is the health benefit as straight teeth are much easier to clean as compared to crooked teeth and straight teeth also have a lesser chance of getting food stuck in them so how to you get these perfectly aligned teeth?

The answer is simple, the most effective way is the use of braces like clearliners from clearline ortho that use state of the art technology to straighten your teeth and give you an award winning smile, if you are missing teeth you can consider getting implants similar treatments so no matter what your trouble is don’t let a bad set of teeth deprive you of your health.