Strange Are the Ways Of…Man

It is said that man was created in the image of the Supreme Creator. However, it can be seen with the passage of time that the way man has progressed (in some ways) and regressed (in many others), The Supreme Being or The Creator or whatever may people call HIM, will himself be put to shame. Some of the things that can be seen on a macro level are the extermination of a majority of animal, bird and fish species. Another aspect that we have been carrying out and depleting our planet of its uniqueness is the abuse of the natural resources and wars that have been responsible in depleting the earth’s atmosphere over the period of the many millennia.

On a micro or personal level, we should be surprised with the hundreds of diseases and afflictions that only humans are known to be suffering. Have we ever heard of any animal suffering from Schizophrenia, split personality or diabetes, blood pressure or what not? This should encourage us to think that GOD never planned to make humans the way that we have turned out to be. Anyways, the main reason for this write up is the subject of mental afflictions that humans alone have been afflicted with and (it seems thus logical) that only man has the access to studying and remedying it.

There is tons of material that is written about various physical diseases, their cures and treatments as well things to do to prevent them in the future or future generations. However, the abnormalities that we have come to see have been such mysteries that we cannot seem to fathom them, no matter how deep we dig or we prod to study and cure it. For example, people who may suffer from schizophrenia or split personality or even narcissism are mostly off springs of normal parents, more often than not.

What then causes such normal people to become the schizophrenics or narcissists that grow to be abhorred by others? Both cases could be deep mysteries for people around who may be their friends, parents or colleagues. The schizophrenic could be a different person in front of a different set of people and another very different person with a completely different set of people or a different situation. One the other hand, a narcissist is a person who can start to hate someone they have adored at the slightest provocation. This in spite of the fact that the so-called ‘provocateur’ may have done nothing intentionally or may have opposed the idea of the narcissist in a bid to change them for the good.

Another mental affliction that is cause for concern is the OCD or the obsessive-compulsive disorder. This is a condition where the person seems to be obsessive about things and compelled to check and recheck on many aspects that can be frustrating to people around them. However, people suffering from the OCD are not as much of a threat to other people as people who suffer from narcissistic tendencies.

One of the ways of treating people with such afflictions is the proven way of being compassionate with them and not opposing them at every step. However, this could in itself be encouraging to them and may make them feel at the top and make them more dangerous, destroying the company or institution.

One remedial action that can be suggested is a one to one by the person who the narcissist or schizophrenic adores or holds in high regards that they will be treasured no matter what. However, they have to also be counseled clinically to move out of that mindset, even on the sub conscious and unconscious levels. This will make them better adjusted and a true asset to the company and family.