Strange Buildings That Caught My Eye

As I travel around different parts of the world, what catch my eye are the unusual and weird architectures. I am sure many of you must also be having a certain fascination for these strange structures. There have been times, when I wanted to visit a city just because it was home to one of such buildings and I planned a whole trip for the sake of it. Dubai is one of those.

Here are some of my favourites that may even entice you to visit the city:

The Gherkin : London


London is a place, which is a second home for me, but first time when I visited the heart of the capital, I got thrilled with this beautiful skyscraper in the financial district. This iconic structure is the most widely recognised epitomes of contemporary architecture. Slurping my favourite cocktail at Searcy’s Restaurant and Bar is one of the finest experiences I have had in London in the past so many years.

Habitat : Canada


Not a tourist attraction though, Habitat caught my eye when I was walking down in Montreal, Canada. Digging more into it, I came to know that it is a housing complex in Canada.

Eden Project: United Kingdom


Now, this is an attraction that did not occur to me but I visited in my itinerary. Lying in Cornwall, these artificial biomes house huge range of plant species. I saw a video on ’52 reasons to visit Eden project’ and I was there in few months time. The reasons are there on their site and they are convincing too.

Atlantis, The Palm : Dubai


Head to this beautiful resort if you are visiting Dubai. Though, Dubai has a lot to offer when it comes to architectural marvels, however, this is one of those structures you can stay in.

A lot more is waiting for me to admire……………