Strategies for Getting the Best Black Friday Deals

Well I start with the internet, I search for the ads of the major retailers such as Target, Wal-mart etc, to get a look at what they have on sale. I usually limit myself to things such as high end electronics, TV’s, Laptops, etc. and if the deals are good enough I will absolutely stand in line. Just this last year I stood in line for over four hours to get a tablet PC Door Buster at Best-Buy, I got their so early I brought along a book to read and a lawn chair to sit in. Ironically the guy behind me had a laptop with Wi-Fi which we surfed to and planned our strategy for the rest of the morning post Best-Buy. – Louisville

Getting the best deal on black friday you need to make sure you get all the ads in the paper and browse all of the store ads online.Decide what you want and at which stores those items are at.If you want more than one item and the items are at different stores find out if one or more stores will be doing price matching on black friday. I have found the best deals on black friday are usually electronics like computers,laptops,tv’s and video game systems.It is worth the hassle fighting the crowds if you want a good deal on one of these items because they are a lot lower priced on this day than they are at any other time of the year. – Flushing

I think black Friday deals are good for all people. This day gives everyone a chance to get Christmas presents at very low prices. I expect to get at least 50% off of items and my items would consist of kids toys and electronics because I have two kids. – Victorville

Getting the best deal is easiest online. shopping at is the best deals you can find. i hope the kindle fire is on sale this year. i plan to stay up all night and hunt for the best deals. online shopping has free shipping and coupon codes. also midnight rushes are fun, but take a weapon. or just sit back and watch the fights that break out in the toys department. i wish that more item were cheaper like dvds and cds. its dieing media and i want it all. – Huntington

To get the best deals on Black Friday is to first create a list of the desired products. Second, browse some stores in your area (the bigger name stores are better) these stores will usually advertise a little on what they will have for sale. Once decided on the items and stores to visit on Black Friday its now time to prepare yourself. Set your alarm or skip sleeping altogether to try to be first in line. Once in the store walk quickly to the area your item(s) will be located (don’t run as this can cause injury to yourself or others). To sum it up, you need to be prepared for the adventure. – Toele, UT