Strategies to improve the BlackBerry performance

Perhaps you often experience a slow performance of your Blackberry, so you feel upset. Do not worry; you can use the following tips and strategies:

1. Remove Applications Rarely used

Blackberry users often install the application that may be rarely used or even just as a complement to the blackberry users. Then to remove the application press the menu button (blackberry logo)

2. Delete Appointment Calendar From the Past

Blackberry calendar features on almost the same as usual mobile phones, such as appointments, reminder, alarm etc.. In this feature, it can take memory space, although a little but quite influential to the performance of blackberry friends. So if the appointment or who has missed good reminder not to eat memory erased, so that performance can work optimal BlackBerry.

3. Delete old and unimportant messages
Usually in mobile phones, we often store old messages and wait until the memory is full. Though the message is not important-very important. It also affects the performance of blackberry mobile phones. It would be nice to delete a message if it’s not important

4. Remove Congenital Blackberry Video

Each of us buy a blackberry device, usually there is a video sample of blackberries to test the quality of the video, if it does not often watch or not needed. What harm is it to be removed, because the default video size of blackberries takes about 70 MB of memory.

5. Clear Cache and Cookies from Internet Browser

Cache and Cookies are stored at the time when my friends are very influential for Internet browsing performance Blackberry users. So the cache and cookies in your browser is not too important. To Erase, open the browser, Menu> Options> Cache Operations and delete.

6. Use of Clean Memory of Unnecessary

Many of the active application, which takes the use of memory. Maybe the application is not too useful. Turn off the active application that is not used. 7. Clear the Event Log

At this point is actually only optional, because the use of memory at this point not too much, my friends could erase the event log to expand the use of memory by pressing ALT + LG LG or Menu then select clear log.

Hopefully the above tips and strategies can make you comfortable and happy.