Straw Handbags for Summer

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There is something great and carefree about the summer months. Whether it is fashion and what you are wearing or where the day might take you, it is all easy going. That is probably the reason for the popularity of straw handbags for this time of year.

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They are the go to fashion accessory for every woman that is in the know. This has long been a summer fashion trend and for good reason. A straw handbag brings to mind days at the beach and walking along the shore. Now you can bring this feeling to your every day activities with one of these amazing bags.

We have chose to highlight three amazing designs that we love. However, there are so many more great options on sale right now that we had to share them with you as well.

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Straw Handbags for Summer, Seekyt

Crescent Straw Handbag

This is a great design at an unbelievably low price when it comes to this summer accessory. The crescent shape sets this apart from many designs that you will see at your local store. The colorful stripe pattern makes it a piece that will match any piece of clothing that you already have in your wardrobe.

The straps are more then long enough to slip over your shoulder as you run errands or head to the pool this summer. The purse des zip shut for added security of your personal items.

Straw Handbags for Summer, Seekyt

Jessica Simpson Jasmine Straw Tote Bag

This straw handbag has a much softer look in the texture and feel of the design. You will find that this is a great bag for those that want the look of straw but do not feel like they just came from the beach. This is the higher end softer fabric that many love through out the summer months.

This tote style purse has a magnetic closure to keep everything secure. The leather 9 inch shoulder straps make this super comfortable to carry around with you. You can get this is the Natural Safari look pictured here. It is also available in Natural Lemon and a Natural Coral color combination through the picture above as well.

Straw Handbags for Summer, Seekyt

Coach Hamilton Straw Python Medium Tote

Now it is time to add another summer fashion trend to the mix. Metallics are in style and a must have in any summer wardrobe. This adorable purse combines metallics and straw handbag design into one must have item.

This is a high quality bag made by Coach. The silver python detailing on this bag really makes it stand out. You will love the size of the tote itself. It gives you plenty of room to store everything that you need for a day out in the sun.

The great thing about straw handbags is that there is a size and design for any outing that you might have during the summer months. Whether it is a night out on the town or running errands the perfect purse exists for you. So make sure to check out the amazing low prices on straw handbags now!

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Straw Handbags for Summer, Seekyt
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