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Streaming Android Apps for Digital Living Network Alliance

Digital Living Network Alliance or DLNA lets data stream over the air. If you have DLNA devices then, you can stream content from your smartphone to your DLNA compatible HDTV. This article present information on five such DLNA streaming Android apps that help you stream data to DLNA compatible devices.

There are various such DLNA Android apps available in Google play store through which you can enjoy hassle-free streaming of videos and audios without using any additional media streaming device.

Following are the five popular DNLS streaming apps for Android phones.


The BubbleUPnP UPnP/DLNA app is one of the highly rated apps and thus takes the first place in the list. Using this app, you can straightway broadcast content from your phone to your compatible DLNA device, without using extra media streaming device. The app is compatible with DLNA-enabled TV, Chromecast, and newer gaming consoles. It is capable of not just basic streaming but many other features like editable playlists, playback queue, sleep timer and a wide array of shuffle modes. Besides, the app provides you a full-screen image viewer, which helps you in controlling your streaming content in a better way. At play store, the app is offered free of cost.


If you are looking for a streaming app, which is rich in terms of features, then you will like using MediaHouse. It comes with a wide array of streaming features that let you customize the streaming method in the way you want. For instance, the app is smart in scanning your Wi-Fi network to detect the DLNA enabled devices and then connect to them. The app is so specific that it categorizes the scanned devices into two groups.

• Devices to which you can stream the content

• Devices from which you can stream the content

It has many other features like it creates playlists for music files, supports an image viewer, and even works in landscape mode. MediaHouse is a free app in Google Play Store.
It is accessible for free at the Google Play store.

DLNA Player

Using DLNA Player you not only stream and play content to a compatible device but also access content available on the DLNA servers. The best thing about the app is that it is a zero configuration app with the power to work out of the box. After the app installation, it starts working right away. Play history is one of the worth mentioning feature as not many stream apps have it. The feature lets you see the recently played content on your device. Also, the app comes with a library from where you can easily manage the content in your phone and easily search out the file you wish to stream. Again it’s a free app from the Google Play store.

iMediaShare Personal

If the interface of the app matters to you a lot then iMediaShare Personal is a good app with an awesome interface. Without getting tangled with cables, the app lets you transfer digital media from your Android device to your HDTV (DLNA compatible). As the streamed media plays in the TV, you can utilize your phone as a remote to control the content. Using the hand gestures over the app interface, you can control functions like play, pause, next, etc. It is a free app available at Google Play store.


If you have more than one DLNA devices and you need the content to get streamed on all of these, then try out AllCast. By supporting more than one device, this app gives you more compatibility. It can stream content to any DLNA compatible device such as Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, box One, Xbox 360 and so on. Moreover, it lets you stream content directly from Dropbox. Thus, you need not do the downloading as you can get it streamed straight way. It is indeed a great free app, and you can get it from the Google Play store.


While streaming, if you hate having cables all around and look for the best streaming device that will benefit you in getting rid of these cables, then switch to using streaming Android apps. All the aforementioned apps are free Android apps and let you broadcast media from small screen device to a large HDTV that too without tangling around cables.

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