Stress Management Techniques around the House during the Holidays

The holidays are upon us. Shorter days and longer nights diminish the amount of time we spend outside and increase worry and stress in more ways than one. Finding coping strategies for stress in different situations we encounter this time of year are important. Locating stress relief techniques in our lives is important.

When the holidays are upon us the running and working begins. There is work, shopping and taking care of different errands that may seem endless. When you do get a minute to sit down and rest your feet at home, you can normally find your time spent in front of the television set and eating unhealthy snacks.

Neither of these activities is good for your body mentally or physically. Though, there are a number of things around your house that can keep you busy and in healthier shape than television and bad snacks along with providing help with supplying new energy to replace the energy drained from the holiday activities.

Use these effective ways to undo the anxiety and tension factor formed during the holiday season. Using stress management techniques around the house during the holidays is a wonderful way to get through the season.

Do physical activity before watching television

Anyone with an increase in television time due to the shorter days and longer nights can still do something beneficial while watching television. Doing anything to recharge your body besides sitting in front of the television set is healthier living and shrinks any pressure you may be feeling at this time of year.

Even if you need to force yourself to do something physical this is constructive for slashing worry and tension before watching television, you will be grateful later. Attempt a physical activity to unplug like reading a couple of chapters of a book. A manicure or pedicure at home is a great place to start.

Performing a small amount of physical action to lower tension levels prior to watching television is an anxiety relief activity that is beneficial to reducing levels of tension felt.

Grow plants and put fresh flowers indoors

Plants and fresh flowers are a wonderful way to undue strain our bodies feel in more ways than one. Plants are alive and add oxygen to the air as well as assist with removing toxins. During the fall and winter months of the year this can be very essential.

Windows and doors are opened less often at this time of year which means less fresh air is in our houses. Recycled air is flowed throughout most homes with central heating which means plants are really sanitizing for the air in any house.

Caring for live plants like watering, pruning and other acts of care for plants and flowers helps to release pressures that build from holiday chores.

Light makes a difference

The lighting in a house makes a difference in how we feel physically. Natural sleep rhythms are disrupted with artificial light. With indoor lights coming on earlier and staying on longer in the fall and winter months, it is important to gather as much natural light as possible. A little sunshine gathered everyday with every chance possible is a good thing.

Keep the lighting low before bedtime each night aids in relaxation and leaves you feeling more restful in the morning.

Make limits between home and working from home

This is especially true for those working from home. Making boundaries between working at work and working at home is vital to reduce your stress and anxiety along with lessening the pressure you feel during the holidays.

There are times when our employers will ask us to do work at home, particular during the holidays when work hours are shorter and more employees spend time out of the office. If you have to work at home, follow a schedule to limit the amount of hours spent doing work and stick with it. Boundaries will lessen any tension found working from home.

Let your senses relax you

The art of using your senses to decrease days full of pressure and nights of anxiety can be practiced with things around your home. Rugs that are fluffy or textiles that are luscious help with the visual sense. Peaceful and restful music are terrific for hearing while scented candles help work on the nose and the sense of smell. There are a lot of different ways to make your senses relay to your body it needs to relax.

Make certain you have real food available

Running errands and completing task make it difficult to have real food or groceries on hand when you or your family needs them. Stocking the fridge with healthy selections ensures a body is receiving the minerals and vitamins it needs and keeps everyone away from the junk.

Healthy diets make our minds and bodies not only feel better, but they work better as well.

Make time to have meals together

Having meals together as a family will make us slow down and leave outside worries behind. Studies have repeatedly shown family meals as a routine at the dinner table is nourishing and beneficial for everyone involved.

Make your bed everyday

Making your bed every day is accomplishing a task and mentally conveys a sense of having things in order. This is great for reducing tension at the start of the day.

In conclusion

These are a number of ways you can use your house to reduce stress during the holiday season. Following these practices and methods to arrange your house and your life to make you feel better is a key component to diminishing holiday strain and make you feel better mentally and physically and enjoy the holidays better.