Stress Relief 101

Little do you know how to cope with stress? Here's some guidance for you.

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Stress is a natural thing where we all would one day feel it. It is a mental state of feeling pressure and tense towards something that we could not accomplish, achieve or even the feeling of being sad. Furthermore, in a very demanding situation also be one of the factors to heighten the stress level of someone. Especially in this modern century where there is a lot of competitors and each one of us is fighting for the right to be in a comfortable living community. Every good things do come with a price to pay. There is never a “free lunch” in this world. We have to work to survive in this harsh world where sins and temptations are always there to grab our attention to do things we shouldn’t. With that, certain people could not handle the stress that they were having and end up being mentally unstable. Examples of their unstable mind are hot tempered, sensitive and also forceful people. If you notice, people who are carefree are normally lively and happy. They do not tend to be easily angry at people who had done wrong to them. They are also easier to communicate and comfortable to be with compared to those who suffer from stress disorder. Worry not, there is cure and solutions to help overcome this disorder. It is positive that one could always be cure from this trouble feeling!


  1. Get yourself a pet.

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  • The cutest creation that ever exist with mankind are pets! Pets like dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs and so on are so unique! Besides, dogs also claimed to be man’s bestfriend! No denying on that as we know most dogs are loyal to their master. They are not only serve as purpose to detect bombs nor guard your house but a companion for us when we’re lonely or having hard times. Moreover, having a pet could help reduce your stress level and free your thoughts as they have this ability where they could keep our minds off the things we shouldn’t be thinking for the past few hours. On the other hand, pets are proven to know when we’re sick, happy or even sad and troubled. They would comfort and always be there for us when we need them.
  1. Listen to music.
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  • Music are always connected to our minds and emotions when we listen to them. Either a sad, happy or a hype song, it does give an effect on our mind. For that, music has proven to be one of the best solution to manage stress. I bet most of us ever start to explore new imagination by listening to music and by doing this, it helps to distract us from the problems we’re having and gives us an amount of time for us to think freely in a world where we are most comfortable with!
  1. Go for a counselling service.

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  • Most of us feels shame for going to a counselling service because certain depression is too much for us to handle but we shouldn’t feel that way. The reason said is that we were not meant to solve all of our problems by ourselves. If we could solve everything, we wouldn’t make any friends and the world we be chaos due to everyone’s opinion! Besides, the counsellors are trained to handle people with utmost care and attention and we should place our trust in them when we really need their help. No one is perfect in this world and it is not a shame to go for their services when we’re in need!
  1. Walk around the park.

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  • When you’re walking or doing anything that requires energy, our brain would release a chemical called endorphins. Endorphins helps us to keep our mind in calm and relax. This has proven through exercising. As we all know, while we’re or after exercising, we tend to feel more alert and fresh in our mind right? There is no such exercise that makes us feel more stress or troubled! Therefore, walking has proven to be one of the factor that could help a person to relieve his anxieties or depression. Besides, one could also be healthy and lose weight in walking!
  1. Take a long deep breathe.

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  • Sit straight and take a long breathe after all the hardwork for at least 5 minutes! All we have to do is breathe through our nose and exhale it out through our mouth slowly. This method is effective because it helps to slow one’s heart rate by taking a long deep breathe. Besides, it also gives us time to think back and relax for a moment. Moreover, it does not only help to calm us down but also to reduce our blood pressure that has increase from all the stress we had.

In conclusion, it is indeed natural for us to feel sadness, happy and even stress at times but we must always take precautions for the bad feelings and thoughts that come across our mind. If we do not, we would end up doing unnecessary things to hurt ourselves and also those around us. We can always change to be a better person than to be someone which we don’t want to become. “If there’s will, there’s a way”