Stretch Mark Removal for Old Stretchmark: Treatments and Products you can Use

Stretch Mark Removal for Old Stretchmark

Finding the right product in regards to stretch mark removal for old stretchmark can be very frustrating. Some have tried several trial and error experimentations only to conclude that ineffective results were gained. However, if you know which method or chemical content that works best, removing old stretch marks can be very effective. A little science is all you need to sweep those frustrations away. With that being said, here are some options you can take to fade those undesirable marks.

Why do stretch marks occur?

To fully understand the concept of stretch marks, one must first answer why it occurs. Basically, in order to fully treat an abnormal condition, the treatment should focus on the underlying cause.

Stretch marks are the result of the dermis and epidermis being torn. Skin as you know is elastic. However, its elasticity has limits. Thus, when rapid growth or weight gain occurs it is formed. Furthermore, hormones such as glucocorticoid also affect stretch mark formation. This is primarily because this hormone prevents the formation of collagen and elastin fibers. Thus, the skin loses its elasticity. With that, it can be concluded that stretch marks may be caused by hormone imbalance experienced during pregnancy or puberty and rapid weight gain also experienced during pregnancy.


There are numerous advertisements and articles indicating the efficacy of numerous remedies such as olive oil, vitamin E and other related chemicals for stretch mark removal for old stretchmark. However, there is no evident fact or sciences that would support this theory.

There is only one category of drug that can be used as stretch mark remover and that is retenoids. These chemicals are chemically linked to the structure of vitamin A. One in particular is the prescription cream known as tretinoin, the acidic form of vitamin A. It reduces stretch marks by increasing collagen production that results to normal looking skin. The problem with this product is that it is not very effective for very old stretch marks. You can use it if your scars or stretch marks are 6 weeks old or less.

Laser treatment and surgical procedures

For a more efficient way to remove old stretch marks, laser treatment and surgical procedure is your best option. As for laser treatment, there are numerous methods performed. One in particular is the pulsed dye laser therapy. In this method, collagen and elastin production is stimulated. This reduces the appearance of stretch marks. With several sessions, your old stretch marks would definitely be removed. Another method of laser treatment is known as photothermolysis. The procedure also involves the increase in production of both proteins. The varying point is that in this method minor skin damages are intentionally done to allow new skin cells to grow, replacing the torn dermis.

Cosmetic surgery is the best way for you to remove these marks in a fast paced manner. However, it can be very expensive. Furthermore, you should only seek surgery from licensed surgeons due to risks involved in every procedure.

With that, wasting your money and time with various remedies and alternatives would only result to more frustrations. If you want the best stretch mark removal for old stretchmark, consult reputable dermatologists for the best option you can take.