News Stretch Mark Removal for Old Stretchmark

Stretch Mark Removal for Old Stretchmark


Stretch mark removal for old stretch mark scars is effective when one uses high quality stretch mark creams and lotions. Stretch marks on skin are well known blemish problem and are a cause of significant distress to the people who have them. They can be effectively removed by the use of natural skin treatment, some good stretch mark creams, stretch mark surgeries and laser treatment. Distress from stretch marks has led some people to visit Mayo clinics to effectively treat the blemished appearance of the marks on skin.

Stretch marks are linear scars of varied length depending on the region where they appear. They affect the thin top layer of skin and are as a result of quick stretching activity of the skin. Stretch marks are mostly associated with, and actually occur most during pregnancy or in pregnant women. The condition is also associated with heavy or obese conditions where weight is gained over time and the skin stretches during this time.

The condition is also most commonly found in persons who are in their puberty years or other quick weight gain period such as weight lifters and body builders. The marks initially appear as reddish or purple lines on the skin. They gradually fade out with the passage of time and then eventually become silver colored. The region where the mark occurs on the skin with exhibit an empty appears and is also soft to the touch.

Treatment of Stretch Marks

As you search for treatments that will eliminate stretch marks, it is important to realize that the skin is made up of three layers which are the epidermis, the dermis and the subcutaneous stratum. The epidermis is the top most layer of the skin that is seen by the naked eye and maintains the moisture and oil consistency of the skin. The dermis is also called the middle layer and lies just beneath the epidermis. It helps the skin keep its shape. The subcutaneous stratum is the skin layer that in the inner most layer and controls the skins operations from inside the body.

When the skin experiences stretching over time, it becomes inelastic. The dermis layer loses its support. This causes tearing on the epidermal layer which makes stretch marks visible. The marks usually appear on the parts of the body that has the highest fat content such as the stomach, under and upper arms, buttocks, hips, the thighs – both inner and outer parts, and the breasts. High quality creams can adequately be used for stretch mark removal for old stretch mark

Stretch Marks Removal

There are many over the counter creams and treatments that are available to prevent and treat the skin problem. They include coconut oils, olive oils, Aloe Vera creams, vitamin E oils, cocobutter lotions and Bio-oil stretch mark removal applicants. The internet also offers a wide variety of solutions to this skin problem.

Some stretch mark removal creams that are only available online include Trilastin and Strivectin-SD. Diet has also contributed much to the stretch mark removal for old stretch mark

Stretch Mark Removal for Old Stretchmark
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