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Style Tips: What To Wear For A Perfect Look This Summer

August is the best month of the year for many of us, since it generally means vacation time. We might be heading to different destinations, some of us prefer the exotic Caribbean islands, others opt for a visit to European capitals. No matter where we go, we all want to look great and summery! Because let’s face it…sweater weather is great but when it’s gloomy and rainy outside we don’t feel like opting for colorful clothes and trendy accessories. And the good news is that we still have plenty of time to get ourselves ready for our next summer adventure in style.

The first thing to do is to review your wardrobe. While changing the clothes between seasons, some gems might get accidentally lost in your closet. You’d better do a careful search and find all the summer clothes you’ve got. Also, don’t forget to look for those clothes of a couple of years ago you thought you’d never wear again. You might be actually surprised at how great those denim shorts will look this year! Second of all, it’s important to match your outfit with your destination. If you are heading down to Mexico, you should probably take with you plenty of light dresses perfect for a beach day, but also for a casual happy hour. You can pair them with colourful flip flops or flat sandals and you will look like a star. If you are heading to Rome instead, you should pack up plenty of comfortable sporty shoes to walk around the eternal city. You can pair them with a long cotton dress, the hit of this season!

Beforfendi_ff_0085_s_hju__(jd)e you head to your next vacation, you should also take some good care of your skin and body in order to prepare it for the great amount of sun, salty water or long walks. You should stick to your regular workout routine, including morning runs or gym sessions. Remember to drink plenty of water and include fruits and vegetables in your diet. Finally remember to moisturize your skin regularly: scrub it regularly and apply a hydrating lotion after every shower. In addition, always remember to put sunscreen on, it will make your skin look smooth and will help preventing sun damages.

You won’t get that glowing look this summer without the right accessories to match your style. Selecting the right pair of sunglasses is in fact the key ingredient to your star look this summer. The good news is that you can find a great variety of shades for summer in different colors and shapes that will best match your face shapes and outfit. For example, you can opt for the classic forms, including the aviators, or try out something fresh and news, such as the trendy cat-eyes. In any case, you won’t get disappointed.

Now, go to pack up. Your stylish summer vacation is waiting for you.

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