Styrofoam Insulation 4×8 Sheets

Styrofoam insulation in 4×8 sheets are a really good way to keep areas warmer during the winter months and cooler during the summer. They are a great option to use in garages, workshops, chicken coops, seasonal cabins, and anywhere else you need a rigid application, and not rolls and batts. I’d like to go over some information about this type of product, as well as what to expect from your 4×8 sheets of Styrofoam.

Limited R-Value: These generally aren’t very thick, sometimes under 1 inch thick. You’ll find that while they are easy to work with and offer some resistance to the cold, they are not intended for homes for a reason – they don’t insulate enough. This is why they are somewhat limited in their applications.

Varied Thickness: While the value is limited, you can get thick sheets of Styrofoam to help offset the limited value. Most will have an R Value of 5 per inch for yellow foam, although it will vary. Since you can get ½ inch to 4 inches thick, you have some potential to keep out the cold and heat.

Easy to Apply: Rigid foam is easier to work with for most people. While it breaks easily, it is also easy to carry and store, so it takes some of the hassle out of installation, especially if you have to do some of the work on your own, without any help with the polystyrene.

Ridged Ends: Some products are ridged, having a tongue and groove on each side, so they fit together snugly and don’t let air infiltrate the space. This is a good feature that can help stop drafts and keep the area sealed up from the weather much more effectively.

Multiple Manufacturers: Everyone is familiar with Johns Manville and Owens Corning, the Pink Panther, but there are tons of other manufacturers out there, many of which you’ve never heard of. Many of the makers of rolled insulation make the rigid 4×8 sheets as well.

Vapor Barrier: Some will have a foil or plastic face. This acts as a vapor barrier, but it’s not included on all the products you’ll see on the shelves at home improvement stores or online, whether you go with a tongue and groove panel or not.

Cost: You can buy this stuff pretty cheap. Plus, because it lasts virtually forever, you can find it listed used on many classified ads at super cheap price. It’s a cost effective way to insulate.

There are some great benefits to using Styrofoam insulation 4×8 sheets.