Successful Stock Market Investing and Trading with Warren Buffett Books

Trading and stock market investing would have to be the most time efficient way of making money online. Ironically it’s the most time efficient way of losing it as well!

Although probably the best way to ensure you develop a profitable track record in the markets is to invest in your stock market investing and trading education. But of course where do you go?

There are literally thousands of websites, online resources, books and even magazines which carry a huge library of information where you could easy get lost just choosing where to get the most reliable and valuable information from.

Although if you ask most people who are consistently successful in the stock markets they are likely to tell you that you can hardly go wrong by researching the techniques, strategies and mindset of arguably the most successful stock market investor of our time Warren Buffet.

Although Warren Buffet is quite generous in his tips on what makes a great investor or how he manages to consistently pick winners, what Warren does lack in his advice and tips are specifics.

Warren Buffet regularly appears on interviews and reporters find it hard not to squeeze him for stock market secrets or stock picking tips but usually Mr. Buffet’s advise is generalized at best.

One great tip is to head over to Berkshire Hathaway’s website (Warren Buffet’s holding company) and read Warren’s letter’s to Berkshire’s shareholders. Another great way to glean some magical stockmarket investing wisdom the Oracle of Omaha is to head over to Youtube and do a search on the term ‘Warren Buffet’. You will be sure to find a staggering number of youtube videos to study and get a good idea of how this investment genius thinks and how he approaches investing.

But as practical a investor you need specifics, you need specific strategies you can learn and adopt that work.

Fortunately there are a number of books which provide rare insights into the specifics of Warren Buffets investments strategies. A few of which were written by his now divorced Daughter in Law Mary Buffet.

Some of these books include Warren Buffet and the Interpretation of Financial Statements, Buffetology and The Tao of Warren Buffet to name but a few.

All in all if you’re serious about becoming successful in trading and investing in the stock market you would do very well to but any one of Books Buffet Books.