Summer Blues can turn to fun

This year is very difficult economically for many families. We have had natural disaster and rising gas and grocery prices while many workers pay have stayed the same over many years. Balancing the budget is near to impossible. Now we have children getting out of school for summer vacation. The big problem is just that ‘summer vacation.’ How do you take a summer vacation when just balancing the daily bills is working out? Summer blues will soon hit the whole family as they get to do nothing all summer long.

Those summer blues don’t have to be blue at all. How much do you know about your local town? If you have recently moved in or just haven’t been involved summer may be the perfect time to get out in the town and get involved in what is going on. If the town has parades or festivals in summer, helping out with those events can turn out to be a lot of fun for your whole family. Contacting the local chamber of commerce is a great place to find out how to volunteer to help.

Local bonding may not be the best idea for everyone. How about a family game nights? Board games, card games, and maybe even some penny gambling with the family. Night sitting at home with the family and playing games is tons of fun providing everyone can keep their attitudes and tempers under control. Than again a family game night may also be the perfect way to get everyone talking and understanding each other again.

Backyard camp outs can be a lot of fun. No reason to spend a crazy amount of gas money to go camping with you can take the family outside and camp in the back yard with just a much fun. Pull out all those outside toys like volleyball or baseball. Activities that will get the whole family up and moving. Don’t give those teens a choice, tell them to play as well. They will enjoy the game once they get into it.

Campfire rings may also be allowed in your area. Check with the local fire department for laws. You may be required to get a permit to have a campfire. When it starts to get dark it time to cook hot dogs and marshmallows over the camp fire while everyone talks and tells stories. Be Careful with those scary stories and the young kids, or no one will get sleep tonight.

This summer may be rough be we just have to think thrifty for our summer vacations. If there are museums nearby many offer low costs or only ask for donations. Museums can be lots of fun for the whole family. Many museums have changed where kids can touch and do things. It can be very amazing how much fun children can have while learning about magnets.