Summer Holidays: Where to go in 2015?

When if comes to choosing which country to visit on your holiday, it can sometimes seem like there are a baffling array of choices. It can be difficult to decide which country to visit, let alone what to see and do when you get there. If you are thinking about your 2015 holiday and want to find the perfect destination for you, here are some suggestions of the countries you could visit:


When you think of Thailand you may think of the crazy music and alcohol fuelled partying to be found in Bangkok, along stretches of the coastline and some of the islands – but there is far more to this spiritual and beautiful country. From remote islands with just a range of exotic wildlife to keep you company, to gorgeous, relaxed beaches and secluded coves, to cultural cities and rural idylls, Thailand has something for everyone.


For the luxury choice, why not go for a Fijian island paradise. It may not be within everyone’s budget but the palm fronds and wave-lapped sands could just make for the holiday of a lifetime. If you are conscious of how your holiday decisions affect the planet then you could choose to visit an eco-community destination. Whether you want to relax and do nothing on the beach or have an active vacation on and under the water, Fiji has a lot going for it.


Think you can’t afford to holiday on idyllic islands? Think again. Croatia boast over 1000 delightful islands, which spangle the Adriatic with their lushness and perfect swimming conditions. Enjoy culture and history on Croatia’s coastline before renting a yacht and heading off for your own Adriatic adventure. There are many boat rental Croatia companies who will allow you to live out your island fantasies. This accessible and affordable European country is a must-see for all lovers of nature, history and sea-side serenity.


While Marrakech and other major sites in Morocco have long been famous, more off-the-beaten-track destinations are becoming increasingly more popular? Why not visit the breezy old-hippie hangout at Essaouira, on the Moroccan Coast? The laid back sense of culture and an increasingly European feeling vibe make this a pleasant place for your 2015 holiday. Or you could visit remote mountain communities to see has been like in the ‘real’ Morocco, far from the tourist centres.

New Zealand

Perhaps the ultimate destination when it comes to scenic drama and outward bound adventure, New Zealand is one big natural adventure playground, filled with the magic of Middle Earth. Whether or not you are a Tolkien (and Peter Jackson) fan, New Zealand has a lot of offer for an adventurous traveller. Hike in the mountains, kayak in the fjords or sounds, raft on the rivers, bungy jump from the bridges – the list of possible activities in this exciting country goes on and on.

Wherever you choose to go for your 2015 holiday, consider getting off the mass tourist band wagon and forging your own path. You will escape the crowds and discover amazing places that feel more special for being so infrequently visited. All of the above countries are extremely popular with tourists, but each offers the chance to get away from all that and enjoy a fun and peaceful holiday.

Image sources: Flickr , Flickr & Flickr