Summer Is Coming: Best Places To Cool Down This Summer Season

The cold months are drawing to a close and as the sun slowly reminds people how relentless the heat can be from the impending summer, a lot have already started looking for the best places to cool down. So far, here are the most popular choices that come to mind.


Being an archipelago, Philippines is gifted with plenty of beautiful beaches. From the famous white sand beaches in Boracay, to the rocky but dive-worthy coast of Puerto Galera, the whole country boasts of tourist-drawing shorelines that offer a cool reprieve from the burning summer sun.

If you’re done scouring the beaches of Luzon, you can go travel to the Visayan regions or even farther down South to Mindanao for more breath-taking coastlines.


If you are not into swimming or diving and you’re just looking for a place to beat the heat, then you can go explore places of higher elevation. Two of the most famous of these options would be Baguio and Tagaytay.

Baguio, the higher of the two, sits roughly around 5050 feet above sea level. Because of this, the whole city experiences an average temperature of 15-23°C, which is close to roughly 8°C lower than the usual temperatures in the lowlands. It’s an excellent choice if cooling down is your priority.

However, if you want a closer drive from the metro, but do not mind a slightly higher temperature, then you can also choose Tagaytay. The City is only around 2000 ft above sea level, but the 4 to 6 degrees of temperature difference from the lowlands is enough to give you a brief reprieve from the heat in the metro. In fact, because of this, Tagaytay is recognized as a popular venue for picnics, honeymoons, and spiritual retreats.


If you don’t have the time and luxury to leave town, then you can always just go to the metro’s most famous malls to enjoy a quick getaway from the summer heat. Ayala Center, for example, not only provides you with a nice and cool place to spend some time in, but it also boasts some of the best shops in the Metro. This way, you will get a cool break from the heat while keeping yourself entertained.

And since malls in the Philippines are not so difficult to find, you will always have an alternative close enough to your place without worrying about travel time or the dreadful sun-baked traffic.