Summer Must-Haves for Your Barbeque Events

Lawn Chairs

There’s nothing like kicking it in front of your house with a few lawn chairs set up for everyone to converse and have a good time. Lawn chairs are fairly comfy, for one. You can find them for a relatively cheap price (it might take you a little while to accumulate enough for a HUGE party, but you’ll have enough that you can do something in the summer if you buy a few each month through the fall), albeit most of the time they’re sold all together. Either way, they’re one thing that you can’t go without!


There is nothing—absolutely nothing—worse than forgetting your buns. Let’s face it—you can have every coozie of the rainbow, you can pick any Coozie or Koozie with a funny saying that you want and give one to every guest each…you can even buy ice cream made with gold flakes, but not having buns will not make up for it. Just don’t do it—you need to make sure that you have the buns and that you have more than enough for any hot dogs and the like that you might be cooking.

Sweet Tea

There’s nothing like having sweet tea at a summer get-together. Sweet tea, music playing softly in the background, a little fire pit with a small fire going… Let’s face it—no sweet tea is like having no egg nog at Christmas time. It can be done, but it just doesn’t feel quite right. That’s one of the reasons why you should definitely have sweet tea! Not to mention that it’s delicious and it’s a great way for you to provide drinks that EVERYONE can have, as opposed to just sticking to drinks for kids or drinks for adults.

Citronella Candles

If you plan on being outside for longer than three seconds, then you’ll NEED citronella candles. First and foremost, they help to keep the bugs away. Second of all, it helps you to spend your BBQ with people…not hopping up and down and trying to scratch itches! These aren’t a necessity necessarily, but they definitely make things quite a bit more comfortable.


Coozie or koozie, there’s something that’s just right about a coozie. The coozie makes it so that your drinks stay cold, your hand stays warm, and you don’t have to worry about how long your drink has been sitting around and who else has taken a sip out of it, not knowing who precisely drank out of it before them. Not to mention that they’re super cheap, so it’s not like you’re going to go around and have to shell out five dollars each. You can get away with fifty cents if you find the right store—and that could even include a few that have logos and sayings on them! There’s nothing that can replace having the piece of mind that someone else didn’t drink out of your soda or beverage of alcohol of choice. Who wouldn’t want that kind of freedom?